Review – Bunny Mask #3Comic Reviews 

Review – Bunny Mask #3

Review – Bunny Mask #3

Review – Bunny Mask #3

Story: Paul Tobin

Art: Andrea Mutti

Letterer: Taylor Esposito

Publisher: Aftershock Comics 

Available: 11th August 2021

Variant Covers: Nathan Szerdy, Ingrid Gala

Stab It A Little

With armed intruders in his apartment and an eerie supernatural creature in his bed, Tyler Severin feels like his life couldn’t get much worse. Yet the mysterious Snitch has more revelations for Tyler, secrets about Bee Foster that lead back to caves where Bunny Mask was found, and a revelation that Tyler isn’t the only one who hears the Snitch’s voice.

Writer: Paul Tobin

Poor Tyler, hearing the snitch, Bunny Mask in his bed and armed intruders have burst into his apartment. With seconds to spare Sheriff Tate shows up and manages to kill them all. A shaken Tyler stays with Bee overnight but asks to sleep on the floor much to a frustrated Bee’s hints that he can sleep in the bed.

Tyler meets up with Tate at Bee’s gallery and finds out that The Snitch told him to stop the armed intruders who were after Effy, she was having an affair with a prominent figure who wanted her silenced. They meet for drinks a few days later and after quite a few drinks and stories, they both admit they’ve been hearing secrets since the cave. Worse Bee’s skeleton was in the cave so who is Tyler meeting with?

I’ve already gushed about Tobin’s amazing scripting in this series but this issue again picks up all the plot threads and weaves a pitch-perfect issue. The final few pages when Tyler is returned to the cave send chills down my spine.

Artwork: Andrea Mutti

Mutti’s artwork reminds me of the work of the greats like Bolland and Ezquerra, there’s a hurried but realistic quality to each panel and figure. The armed intruder scene shows his use of changing perspective to increase tension and pacing. Throughout the issues, he seeds as many panels and images with hints of Bunny Girl, from Bee’s bed linen to reflections in windows. I am starting to think Tyler never left the cave and this is all a dream within a dream.

Overall Thoughts

Three issues in and we are still building tension and horror. The rollercoaster hasn’t even reached the top yet and I have a feeling we are about to descend into screams in the next issue. The team of Tobin and Mutti have found a rich vein of new and unique material that leaves you feeling unsettled after reading it as all the best horror should.

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I hoped you’ve enjoyed my review of Bunny Mask Issue #3

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