Review – The Thing #2

Review - The Thing #2
Cover Art

Review – The Thing #2

Writer – Walter Mosley

Penciler – Tom Reilly

Colourist – Jordie Bellaire

Letterer – Joe Sabino

Cover Artist – Tom Reilly

Publisher – Marvel Comics

Release Date – 15 December 2021

Variant Covers – Dan Panosian, Kevin Eastman


WALTER MOSLEY’S FORAY INTO THE MARVEL UNIVERSE CONTINUES! From the stage at Radio City Music Hall to a secret underground conclave situated deep beneath Central Park, bashful Benjamin J. Grimm fights and fights and fights to rescue his newfound love, Amaryllis, from the seemingly unstoppable Brusque! But there’s more going on than meets the eye, and the Thing’s epic journey continues to take larger and larger steps, from the gritty urban setting of Yancy Street to the far-flung reaches of the cosmos!


Following on from the first issue where Benjamin J. Grimm’s life took an unexpected turn for the worse, we pick up again with The Thing trying to rescue his new lady friend, Amaryllis. But Brusque has his eyes on her as well. Whilst the storyline might not be breaking any new ground, it is still enjoyable in it’s own right. And Mosley’s portrayal of The Thing is in keeping with what we know and love of the character.


The artwork from Tom Reilly has a really nostalgic feel to it. And at first glance, you might think that the book might have been printed some years ago. Such is the style in Reilly’s artwork. And there’s something that feels really familiar to it. I’ve certainly enjoyed it’s simplicity and his portrayal of the protagonist, as there have been many depictions of Ben Grimm over the years. Add in to this Jordie Bellaire’s colour work which brings a certain warmth to the book but still with a tinge of darkness, possible eluding to what may be coming in the future.


Walter Mosley gives another enjoyable instalment to the Ever-Lovin Blue Eyed Thing. It’s always interesting to see how a character who is such an integral part of a group, holds up in a stand-alone story. And Mosley certainly gives The Thing his own stage to which he can shine. Not forgetting Tom Reilly and Jordie Bellaire in the art department, whose work give the book a certain retro feel and a throwback to the silver age of comic books. A decent read to pass the time.

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