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Review – Titan Mouse of Might #1

Review – Titan Mouse of Might #1

Writer: Gary Shipman

Artwork: Gary Shipman

Publisher ‏ : ‎ Gary Shipman

Youtube: Gary Shipman Art Studio

Available: Indiegogo


TITAN is an extraordinary creature that has been endowed with powers beyond that of any normal mouse. Titan is originally from another world where the animals are intelligent (see the Pakkins’ Land Omnibus). After triggering an explosion in his world Titan is transported to the world of man where his epic story unfolds.

Writer: Gary Shipman

Shipman expands the very successful Pakkins’ Land here with the tale of Titan, a mouse propelled through space and time, who seeks revenge on the apes who tortured his people.

The book starts with a flashback to Lord Rahsha ordering his apes to open a cave containing an energy source that may contain a portal to another world. The opening is way too small for apes so he tortures the mice with their feared enemy the Dark Flyers. Forced to work, the mice reach the portal and Titan uses its energy to imbue himself with the powers of the Dark Flyers. Attacked by his friend Malcolm, who becomes some abomination after removing his mask, Titan is hurtled through to the modern world of man where mice are rodents.

In this world, Titan works to free mice from oppression and breaks into the Ryan Research Facility to free his kind from being experimented on. As he tackles the many obstacles in his path he is crippled by the flashbacks of memories of losing his closest friend. Can he reach his goal? Well you’ll have to subscribe to issue #2 to find out

This is a great romp of a tale from the Eisner, Harvey, and Russ Manning Awards nominated artist. It quickly creates a bridge from the world of Pakkins to the modern world. Titan is a conflicted character using his kinds greatest fear to instil fear in others.

If you get to the last page and don’t want to pledge to the next issue I don’t know what’s wrong with you

Artwork: Gary Shipman

Gary’s artwork has brought many characters to life over the years with work on Rick & Morty, Adventure Time, Dreamworks and DC trading cards to name but a few. Using black and white art distils the images down to their purest form, allowing the reader’s eye to focus on exactly what you want to. The pages and panels where Titan struggles with a crippling memory caused by the sound of a motor are the best in the book, conveying the agony and stress needed from behind a full face mask.

Overall Thoughts

The Indiegogo campaign has topped over £15k and it’s not hard to see why, this is a novel take on the stranger in a strange land. there are enough crumbs of cheese to lure even the most critical of fans to take a punt on the issue and I can see a bright future for Titan.

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Get thee to Indiegogo to pledge on the book here and follow Gary drawing the book over on his YouTube channel, where he runs fan competitions and how to draw training videos.

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