Review - TKO Shorts 007: River of SinComic Reviews 

Review – TKO Shorts 007: River of Sin

Review - TKO Shorts 007: River of Sin

Review – TKO Shorts 007: River of Sin

Writer: Kelly Williams

Artist: Kelly Williams

Letterer: Chas! Pangburn

Publisher: TKO Studios

Available: 30th June 2021


Children are being found dead and mutilated in the woods. Alonso fears this might be the fate of his daughter. In a desperate hunt for answers, he and the other grieving parents must take matters into their own hands. Could it be the suspected Bruja, hungry for young blood, or is there a bigger secret among the townsfolk?

This self-contained limited edition short is a printed zine sized at 8.5″ x 5.5″. Buy all of their one-punch knockout shorts today!

Writer/Artist: Kelly Williams

This short from Kelly and TKO has a simple premise, a town has rumours of a witch or brujas living at the edge of the river. As happens over the year the tales get taller and when local kids actually end up going missing near where she lives it’s time for a local mob to deal with her for the final time.

Emmet, the local sheriff, suddenly appears out of the would to try and disperse the crowd. But he then admits the grisly remains lead to close to the old woman and perhaps they should all go up. Kicking down the door of the houseboat the find Alonso’s daughter with the old woman, but what has happened?

Williams keeps the story and art tight, with only 22 pages to create a short but impactful story every line and panel counts. We all know the story of the scary old person in our village or town that is rumoured to be a witch or serial killer.

The art is perfect for the genre with bleached colours, courtesy of Pangburn that suit the brutal storyline.

Overall Thoughts

Williams and Pangburn make a great creative team here for this horror short, I don’t care of you do guess the ending it’s well worth turning every page to get there.

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Thanks to TKO studios for the free preview of TKO Shorts 007: River of Sin to allow BGCP to review

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