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Everything We Could See At Sony’s Upcoming State Of Play Stream

State Of Play Stream

Following Sony’s absence at E3 2021, many are expecting their next State Of Play stream to be announced imminently. During that stream, we are likely to see a few E3 level announcements from the company, as they aren’t going to let Microsoft throw the haymakers that they did during their E3 livestream, (where they announced a whopping eight new IP,) without throwing a few back.

Although a confirmed date is yet to be announced for the livestream at the time of writing, we can pretty much guarantee that it will be dropping at some point before the end of this month. So without further ado, here is what I would expect to see announced during the livestream.

Ghost Of Ikishima

Since we reported on the rumoured announcement of this standalone expansion of last year’s phenomenal Ghost Of Tsushima, a trailer has been released for the ‘Director’s Cut,’ of the base game, which will indeed include the Ikishima expansion.

However, this expansion is understood to also be available on its own, regardless of whether or not you own the main game. Therefore, Sony will most likely show more of the expansion and reveal more details regarding it during the State Of Play stream.

God Of War: Ragnarok

Although it was announced at the start of June that Ragnarok would be delayed until next year, it was reported a few days ago by numerous sources that we are set to get a look at proper gameplay from the upcoming title during the State Of Play stream.

Rumours and leaks suggest that we will see an in depth gameplay trailer showing new mechanics and environments. There is also a strong possibility that we will get a release date announced that is more specific than just ‘2022.’

Call of Duty: Vanguard/Slipstream?

State Of Play Stream

The next Call of Duty game was strangely absent from this year’s E3 event. Whilst we did get a look at an update for COD: Warzone, we didn’t get a look at the new title expected to release towards the end of this year as many had anticipated we would.

Could that perhaps be because it will instead be shown during the Sony State Of Play stream? Sony have somewhat been Activision’s publishing partner when it has came to the last few entries in the Call Of Duty franchise.

Add that to the fact that the above image appeared on a few days ago and it can be construed that Slipstream is likely the codename for the COD: Vanguard alpha. This will likely be officially announced during the stream, with the alpha going live shortly after.

We will also likely get a concrete release date for Call Of Duty: Vanguard along with a trailer during the stream.

Dead Space Remake

State Of Play Stream

Over the past week, rumours have been circling claiming that EA are set to revive one of their, ‘most beloved IP,’ before too long. Although there have been mentions of that IP possibly being a new Mirror’s Edge or Burnout game, our money is on a Dead Space revival.

Although we don’t even know for sure yet if the revived franchise will indeed be Dead Space, according to another recent rumour, if we are getting a new Dead Space game, it will be a remake from the ground up and not a sequel.

The series went out with a whimper with Dead Space 3, but the first two games were incredible, so to see this franchise brought back to its former glory would be amazing.

And although there is a chance that EA could be saving this announcement for one of their own EA Play livestream events, Sony are need of some big E3-level announcements such as this one to match Microsoft. Therefore, I don’t think that it is unreasonable to expect this announcement to be made during the State Of Play stream, but we shall see.

Something From Nixxes?

Although Sony have been made a few big acquisitions recently, (which we will discuss below,) their acquisition of Nixxes is far from insignificant. Nixxes hasn’t ever actually developed an original project, instead they specialise in PC and console ports.

Due to this recent acquisition, I can see a portion of the stream being dedicated solely to previous PlayStation exclusives being ported over to PC alongside Detroit: Become Human, Death Stranding, Days Gone and Horizon: Zero Dawn. Could we finally see the Uncharted collection go to PC?

Over the last few years, it seems that Microsoft have been somewhat softly pushing console gamers towards PC gaming. Between all Xbox exclusives also being available on PC upon release and GamePass working seamlessly across both platforms, Microsoft are clearly not focusing as hard on console exclusives as they once did and now it looks as though Sony are following suit.

New Housemarque Game?

At the end of June, it was announced that Sony has acquired Housemarque as a first-party developer. Although Returnal only recently dropped in April of this year, it would make sense for Housemarque to appear to announce that they are working on something during the stream to capitalise on the hype of the announcement that they are now a first-party Sony development studio.

It could just be some form of DLC for Returnal, but I wonder if Returnal is even a big enough title to bother announcing DLC for during a livestream. This leads me to wonder if we could instead see the announcement of their next game.

Metal Gear Solid Remake From Bluepoint

State Of Play Stream

Back in April of this year, we reported on a rumour that there were several Metal Gear Solid remakes in development. That rumour mentioned that Bluepoint games may be involved in the development of one or more of these remakes.

Well, just the other day when Sony announced that they had aqcuired Housemarque as a first-party developer, Sony Japan tweeted out the following image in error:

This has fuelled speculation that Bluepoint will indeed be the next studio that Sony are looking to acquire. Could this announcement be made during the livestream?

If so, there is a good chance that the next project they are developing, following the Demon Souls remake from last year, will be shown. If it is in fact an MGS remake, this would line up with the rumour from April.

The Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver Remake

State Of Play Stream

Just the other day, we reported on a rumour that claimed that there could be a remaster or remake of Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver on the way. A new Soul Reaver game has been a desire for fans of the franchise for years now, so this announcement would go down a storm.

Within the rumour that we reported on yesterday, it was claimed that this reboot of the series will be shown at one of the major upcoming gaming shows before the end of this year. This could possibly mean that we could see it during Sony’s State Of Play stream, especially since the original Soul Reaver is so fondly remembered as a PS1 title.

Silent Hill Game From Bloober

State Of Play Stream

Way back in February of this year, we reported on a rumour that Bloober Team were working with a “very famous gaming publisher” on a new horror game. It was speculated that this publisher was Konami and this game was Silent Hill.

Well, yesterday Bloober’s partnership with Konami was officially announced with a statement saying that the two companies have struck a; “strategic cooperation agreement.”

I would be very shocked if the horror game being worked on with Konami is anything other than a Silent Hill title. Therefore, it would make sense for this new Silent Hill game to be announced during the State Of Play stream, following the official announcement of the partnership.

Silent Hills From Kojima Productions

State Of Play Stream

Let us not forget that toward the end of last year, there was a rumour circling the industry claiming that there were in fact two Silent Hill games in development. The rumour stated that; “one of the games would be a more traditional Silent Hill type of experience, whilst the other would be more of a departure for the franchise.”

This rumour would make a lot of sense, as Konami have likely seen the success that Capcom have had employing the same method with Resident Evil and wanted a piece of the action. Especially since the method of making the, ‘new,’ Resident Evil games slower-paced, first-person games and keeping the remakes as faster-paced, third-person games has worked a treat for Capcom in terms of sales.

Add that to the recent speculation that Blue Box Game Studios upcoming title, ‘Abandonded,’ is actually a working title for Kojima Productions reviving their Silent Hills project and what do you get? An E3-level announcement that would blow everyone away.

This is by far my wildest prediction for the stream, but if it comes to pass minds everywhere would be blown.

What do you think of my predictions? Please let me know in the comments if you think I am spouting nonsense. Also, let us know if you are excited for the State Of Play stream and what you would like to see during it.

If you would like to see us elaborate on our mad Blue Box Studios/Silent Hills revival theory, then you can check out the video below.

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