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Review: Earth-One: Wonder Woman Vol 3


Review: Earth-One: Wonder Woman Vol 3

Story: Grant Morrison

Att: Yanick Paquette

Colours: Nathan Fairbairn

Covers: Yanick Paquette, Nathan Fairbairn

Released: March 2021


This concludes the critically acclaimed story arc unique writer Grant Morrison (Doom Patrol, Animal man etc..) crazily brought to Wonder Woman. Gloriously proud, fantastically feminine and here to take down the boring patriocracy with Girl (or should I say Woman power!) After the death of Hippolyta at the hand of Paula Von Gunther, Diane must lead her people against the forces of men both today and a thousand years in the future. So let’s grab our tiara and lasso of truth, put on our knee-high red boots and start the review of Wonder Woman Earth-One’s triumphant final Volume!

Jumping between the future and current timelines we find the world is a Paradise, all war eradicated and all genders and sexualities proudly working for the greater good of the world.

But watch out! Let’s cut to the past and the evil Maxwell Lord who wants to bring the war to the Amazons using his A.R.E.S. mark 1 suits (corny but subtle clue Mr Morrison!) These mecha-men won’t stand for this and have had enough of women protesting and complaining about harassment.

Can Steve break out of prison? Can Diana unite the tribes of Amazon women? Will there be death by Snu-Snu? Why is the queen’s heart still burning? And will I stop asking questions and get on with this review..?

All the answers are in this issue….and a few you didn’t even think of

If you are going to end on a high why not have Diana riding a giant kangaroo while an army of cold unfeeling menbots descends on the Amazons to stop their very way of life?



As with the previous two volumes, Grant’s vision of Earth One’s Diana is stunning with the story jumping from the pages into your imagination. You find yourself flicking back a few pages in case you missed a text bubble or two. This finally is Diana triumphant, ruling her people and bringing peace, love and equality to the world whether men want it or not! 

Men have not bargained on her using the ultimate threat! All women will withhold sex if men do not succumb… Death by no Snu-Snu?

I can imagine Grant smiling as he finished this novel and then dedicated it to his sister Leigh.

If you are going to write a bonkers battle of the sexes, this is how you do it!

I doff my cap to Mr Morrison!


Yanick’s art style is perfect for this we move from fairy wings and female empowerment motifs to the stern, cold world of men where Maxwell Lord sits on a symbolic throne watching and directing the action. The fight sequences are great, sometimes a little confusing with the armies of Amazons and Robots hard to distinguish key characters. But if that is my only complaint it is a small one and I’ve already read it twice now from cover to cover!
Some of the images such as the cover are a homage to great works of art depicting strong women and anything that can get kids excited about art is worth it!

Overall thoughts

This could drift have drifted into a lecture on female empowerment. Instead, Grant and Yanick skillfully handle the current drive to strengthen female characters beyond the bosoms and bodices that the industry is far too guilty of.

From me the father of a strong, proud daughter and husband to an even stronger wife there needs to be more of this type of book. My only slight criticism of this is that there still seems to be a small amount of Body Dysmorphia represented here with traditional tight revealing outfits and standard gravity-defying huge chests on most females.

So let’s finish this review of Wonder Woman triumphant legacy and allow you to grab your significant other! Buy a copy at your Local Comic Book Shop, brew a tea and cuddle up to the joyous conclusion to one of the freshest titles to come from the Earth-One universe.

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