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Review – That Texas Blood Vol 1

Review – That Texas Blood Vol 1 Publisher: Image Comics Writer: Chris Condon Artwork: Jacob Phillips Colours: Jacob Philips Cover Artists: Jacob Philips. Variants by Sean Phillips & Duncan Fegredo Publication Design: Sean Phillips Release Date:  13th January 2021 Introduction Reviewing That Texas Blood Vol1 I was struck with how it had me on edge. Four pages of vibrant blood… Read More
Orwell: The graphic novel Comic Reviews 

Review – Orwell

SUMMARY ORWELL: The Graphic Novel, is written by Pierre Christin with illustrations by Sébastien Verdier and follows the life of the prophetic author and deity of dystopia, George Orwell. Born into a self proclaimed lower-upper-middle class, Eric Blair travels the world in search of humanity and its societal secrets. Along the way he finds himself; his true self that we… Read More
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Review: Earth-One: Wonder Woman Vol 3

Review: Earth-One: Wonder Woman Vol 3 Story: Grant Morrison Att: Yanick Paquette Colours: Nathan Fairbairn Covers: Yanick Paquette, Nathan Fairbairn Released: March 2021 Introduction This concludes the critically acclaimed story arc unique writer Grant Morrison (Doom Patrol, Animal man etc..) crazily brought to Wonder Woman. Gloriously proud, fantastically feminine and here to take down the boring patriocracy with Girl (or… Read More
Review- Green Lantern: Earth One Comic Reviews 

Review- Green Lantern: Earth One Volume One

Review – Green Lantern: Earth One Volume One Written by: Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman Art by: Gabriel Hardman Lettered by: Simon Bowland Colors by: Jordan Boyd Cover by: Gabriel Hardman & Jordan Boyd Release Date: March 20, 2018 Introduction DC’s Earth One line is a series of original graphic novels that aims to reboot and modernize their iconic heroes.… Read More