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Review – WWE: The New Day #1

WWE: The New Day #1
WWE: The New Day #1 is written by Evan Narcisse & Austin Walker with illustrations by Daniel Bayliss.

Review – WWE: The New Day #1

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AWWW COMIC BOOK READERS!!! DON’T YOU DARE BE SOUR! CLAP FOR THE DEBUT COMIC OF YOUR WORLD FAMOUS WRESTLING TRIO’S ORIGIN STORY AND FEEL THE POWER!!! It’s a New Day, yes it is. Take a peek behind the curtain to see how Big E, Kofi & Xavier went from superfans to superstars through the power of positivity and beating all the booty.


WWE: The New Day #1

Bayliss captures the fantasy of becoming a WWE Superstar through the eyes of a starstruck child with bombastic character designs, roaring emotions and touching stages of colourful intricate details.


As is always the case with WWE continuity these days, some events have been changed to benefit the story the writers are telling. In a biographical sense, it’s disappointing to see the inconsistencies. As a comic book however, the liberties taken are made up for with fantastical reimaginations that while not accurate, are wholly believable in the sports entertainment mythos of The New Day.

The painful pantomime of professional wrestling’s past with minorities is on display here and it is handled perfectly. Highlighting the issues of racial stereotypes and shining through that darkside of the business with the best kind of fandom; positivity and passion.

WWE: The New Day #1

From harsh realities to heartwarming revelations, where comic shines is in Narcisse & Walker’s recollections of each wrestler’s spark for the business. The different upbringings and characteristics of days gone by cement the future for The New Day.


In conclusion, WWE: The New Day #1 while not as deep in the details as some fans like myself would appreciate, serves as a brilliant and inspiring story of prowess through adversity and progress in morality.

WWE: The New Day #1

If you’re a wrestling fan with kids, this is an ideal comic to read with them to learn about respect and diversity through one of the greatest trios in professional wrestling. It’s a New Day, yes it is!

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Let us know in the comments your thoughts on WWE: The New Day #1, what other WWE origin comics you’d like to see and be sure to check out our review for another wrestling comic, Guts!

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