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Review – Out of Body #2

Review - Out of Body #2
Cover Art

Review – Out of Body #2

Writer – Peter Milligan

Artist – Inaki Miranda

Colourist – Eva De La Cruz

Letterer – Sal Cipriano

Publisher – Aftershock Comics

Release Date – 7th July 2021


The occult mystery gets weirder, as Dan’s experience is a little too near-death than he’d like – until he’s saved by the psychic called Abi from both the point of no return and a maniac in a deep-sea-diver’s suit. The psychic shows Dan how his astral self can enter living people and look at their thoughts and memories, which Dan hopes will help him discover who wanted him dead. But before then he has to deal with an over-affectionate nurse – and some shocking news that changes everything!


With such an amazing first issue, could Peter Milligan keep up the standards that earned the book such high praise amongst comic fans? In a word, yes. The level of intrigue keeps ramping up and I for one am really interested to see where Milligan takes the story. Dan and Abi are fascinating characters and certainly there is more to learn about them. And I’m sure in the next few issues we’ll be learning more about the mysterious antagonists.


As described in the last issue, the artwork is visually stunning. The level of detail in the astral projections is fantastic and the use of vivid colours when Dan and Abi enter the Liminal world is simply superb. The art team of Miranda, De La Cruz and Cipriano knock it out of the park yet again, pairing perfectly with Milligan’s intriguing storyline.


Another fantastic issue. The storyline on it’s own is enough to draw you in but when you pair with the amazing artwork, it’s a winning formula. It feels like this book is gathering speed and building up to something great and I am excited to see where it goes. Milligan’s mysterious occult tale is one that you should all be picking up!

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