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A Gorillaz Movie Is In Development

A Gorillaz Movie

Damon Albarn’s eclectic animated musical side project Gorillaz have released seven studio albums over the last twenty years. They have collaborated with some of the biggest acts in the world including Elton John, Beck and for some reason The Powerpuff Girls? Now a Gorillaz movie is in development.

There is already plenty of lore out there involving the animated four-piece, detailing their various wild escapades. This upcoming movie will expand 2-D, Murdoc, Russel and Noodle’s stories and present them in one feature-length narrative.

This all comes by way of the Damon Albarn Unofficial Twitter account, who posted a clip from a recent interview that Albarn did with Apple Music to promote his new album; The Nearer the Fountain, More Pure the Stream Flows.

During the interview, the former Blur frontman shared the news that Netflix has greenlit a “full-length Gorillaz film,” and that the writing process for the movie has begun. “I’m in LA because we’re making a full-length @gorillaz film with Netflix. We’re having a writing session in Malibu this afternoon.”

It is interesting that Netflix will be the company to distribute the film. They really seem to be taking more and more chances with animated content given their recent output of animated shows such as Love, Death & Robots and Arcane. Damon himself actually highlights this in another part of the interview.

Over the years, the Gorillaz have appeared in many animated forms including, in 2D, in 3D and as holograms. There is no word on what style of animation the upcoming movie will adopt. Although he wasn’t mentioned by name during the interview, it is also assumed that Jamie Hewlett will be involved in this project in a big way.

Hewlett was the co-creator of Gorillaz along with Albarn in 1998. Damon provided the sound of the band, whilst Jamie Hewlett provided the visuals. It was Hewlett who originally designed the four band members in the signature style of his iconic comic book series; Tank Girl

Respected music producer Remi Kabaka Jr. was brought into the fold a little later and over the past two decades Gorillaz have featured iconic acts on their records such as; Mos Def Danger Mouse and even King Koopa himself, AKA Dennis Hopper on their fantastic second album Demon Days.

Although the characters that make up Gorillaz stay the same in their designs, (for the most part, remember that time when Noodle was a cyborg?) as mentioned above, they have adopted various animation styles over the years. They appeared as photorealistic renders of themselves in the “Do Ya Thing” video. Despite the name, 2-D famously appeared in 3D with Bruce Willis in the “Stylo” music video.

Therefore, we could see an array of different animation styles used in the movie. Perhaps in a similar vein to Love, Death & Robots? Regardless, I am very excited to see the Gorillaz movie when it eventually comes to Netflix.

What about you? Is a Gorillaz movie something that you would like to see? Let us know in the comments section below.

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