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Review – Love, Death & Robots (Season 1)

Review - Love Death Robots

Review – Love, Death & Robots (Season 1)

Directed by: Tim Miller & Others

Written by: Tim Miller & Others

Produced by: Tim Miller & David Fincher

Starring: Samira Wiley & Nolan North

Release Date: March 15th 2019

I decided to go back and review Love Death & Robots in the wake of the release of the trailer for the second season. L,D&R is an animated anthology series from David Fincher and Tim Miller, made up of 18 short films, with each one being utilizing a completely different animation style, ranging from stylistic 2D to hyper realistic 3D. I felt compelled to watch this series, not only as a fan of Fincher’s and Miller’s previous respective works, but as an aspiring animator myself.

Review - Love Death Robots

My favourite thing about this series is how brief each episode is. Even if there is a story that you aren’t enjoying so much, it is over promptly and you are onto the next one. I also like the idea of this series perhaps being a way for filmmakers to pitch their ideas in the form of these short stories and then, – if they are well received, – they could maybe go on to be developed into a longer more fleshed out feature length movie.

The style of animation varies wildly and everyone who watches the series will no doubt have their own personal preference. My favourite of the series was episode 13, which was titled “Lucky 13.” It is based around a spaceship owned by a pilot played by Samira Wiley, who gives a phenomenal performance throughout the short film.

Review - Love Death Robots

If you are looking for something fresh and different to anything else on Netflix, give this one a go. You may not enjoy every single episode, but I guarantee you there will be at least a few that you like. I really hope that the second series is as creative and entertaining as the first and I am looking forward to anything else that comes in the future from this creative team.

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If you enjoyed Dan’s review for Love, Death & Robots S1, check out the trailer for Season 2 here!

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