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BioShock: Isolation Is Coming

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Big Daddy Is Back

Believe it or not, Bioshock Infinite released eight years ago this year. Speculation on BioShock 4 has been rampant ever since. Where do you go from that mind-bending twist that came at the end of Infinite? Will Ken Levine be involved? Where will the next setting be? Well according to a recent leak claiming that the fourth entry will be called BioShock: Isolation, we may not have to wait too much longer to get the answer to those questions.

The recent Nvidia GeForce mega-leak also made mention of an upcoming Bioshock title, which only fuelled the flames of speculation. It should also be noted that the accuracy of that leak has proven to be pretty spot on, as a number of the games mentioned in the leaked list have since been officially announced. Although we have known that some sort of BioShock sequel is being developed, it is nice to get some details regarding what that project will actually entail.

BioShock is famous for its memorable, interesting settings and the question on everyone’s lips going into a new sequel is; where will the game take place? Up until now, all that we have had to go on is a handful of various job listings that describe the new Bioshock title as; “an open world role-playing game that will be set in a new location not previously seen in the series.”

Thankfully though, this recent leak has gave us a more specific answer as to what that setting might be. The new game will allegedly be called BioShock: Isolation and the plot will revolve around two twin cities engaged in a “vertical war,” with one another. One of these cities will be underground, with the other one being above ground.

This plot concept should sound pretty familiar to fans of classic science fiction, especially if you have experienced the prior BioShock games. In BioShock: Isolation, the city that sits above ground is a free city full of wealth and lead by a charismatic, successful entrepreneur. The underground city is apparently led by a dictator and is a city of poverty according to this latest leak.

We also may know who is heading up development on the game. Twitter account Oops Leaks has stated that BioShock: Isolation is being worked on by various veterans of Irrational Games, the developer of previous BioShock titles. The former Irrational devs will be joined by an eclectic team of developers who have worked on projects such as; Watch Dogs: Legion, Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, Mafia 3, and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. There is no mention of Ken Levine’s involvement with the project at the time of writing.

The final claims that the leaker makes are that the game will be developed using Unreal Engine 5 and the official reveal of the game will happen sometime early next year. This means that BioShock: Isolation will likely not make an appearance at next week’s Game Awards show.

So what do you make of this recent BioShock rumour? Are you excited to return to the universe that gave us Rapture and Columbia? Are you only interested if Ken Levine is at the helm? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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