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Abandoned Trailer Is A No Show

Abandoned Trailer

At 8pm BST last night, we were supposed to get to see the long-awaited first full-length trailer for Abandoned. For those not up to speed, Abandoned is the PS5 exclusive survival horror game from Blue Box Studios that is rumoured to in fact be a revival of the previously cancelled Silent Hills from Hideo Kojima.

After previously being pushed back from June 20th, the trailer was set to drop on the 10th of August via the game’s previously announced Realtime Experience companion app. The Blue Box Game Studios Twitter account had previously assured gamers that the footage would debut at 9PM CET. This no show is doubly painful, as it would have also put to rest whether this game is indeed related to Silent Hills or not, once and for all.

“We are working to get [the patch] live ASAP,” the team said in a follow up tweet put out after the deadline had passed, “we apologise for the inconvenience.” A couple of hours later, it added: “We are still working on it. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.”

I think it is likely that one of two things has happened here; either Blue Box Game Studios genuinely is a small studio that were underprepared and over-ambitious in their marketing plan for this game. Perhaps, the studio still doesn’t even actually have a full-length trailer ready to show and this additional delay is a feeble attempt at buying themselves more time. After all, this is far from the first time that the Blue Box have failed to deliver on a previously announced deadline.

Otherwise, this is something that has been purposely done by the troll that is Hideo Kojima. It does seem like an odd PR tactic, but what is Hideo Kojima if not King of the oddballs? Frankly, the reason to pull this stunt could be numerous. The one piece of logic that points towards this being the case is; if the trailer is ready and it is just the app that isn’t, then why not just drop it on YouTube and postpone the app experience to a later date?

Blue Box did show the above brief clip, on their Twitter account just shortly before the deadline. It is probably safe to assume that this five second clip is lifted from the Abandoned trailer, in order to build hype for the full reveal. All that the clip shows is a wooden floor with a man in a suit walking across it.

Personally, I am very disappointed that we still don’t have any further clarification as to what this thing actually is. Frankly, it is time for Blue Box studios to shit or get off the pot. I am someone that was hugely into the speculation surrounding Abandoned back in June, but at this point even I am getting fed up of waiting.

But, what do you think? Are you as bitterly disappointed as I am or are you not surprised that this small amateur studio have seemingly bit off far more than they can chew? Let us know in the comments below and rest assured that whenever the trailer for Abandoned finally does drop, we will be here to cover it.

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