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Alan Wake Remastered

Alan Wake: Remastered
Main Title

Game Title – Alan Wake Remastered

Developer – Remedy Entertainment

Publisher – Epic Games

Release Date – Autumn 2022

Formats – Playstation 4/5, Xbox Series S/X and PC

Alan Wake: Remastered (Teaser Image)
Teaser Image


If you like me discovered this game back in 2010 when it first launched, then you will be delighted to hear that it is being remastered. Today’s tweet from Creative Writer Sam Lake links to an article for fan site ‘The Sudden Stop’, which has operated as an Alan Wake fan-site since 2012. And in this, he confirms the news that we have all been waiting for.

“This is for you.

I’m beyond happy to tell you that at the time of writing this, Alan Wake Remastered is nearing its completion. Confirmed, announced, coming up in partnership with Epic Games Publishing. Multiplatform. PC on the Epic Games Store, Xbox, and for the first time ever, PlayStation, this generation and the previous one.”

If you haven’t played Alan Wake before then you’ve missed out on possibly one of the greatest Psychological Horror games. First released by Microsoft in May 2010 for the Xbox 360, it focuses on Crime writer Alan Wake. Wake has struggled with a 2-year writer’s block and decides to relocate to the small mountain town of Bright Falls along with his wife Alice. And from there, his world descends into a waking nightmare, as he must battle shadowy figures who try to kill him at every turn.


Whilst the previous incantation was a Microsoft Exclusive, Lake has confirmed that the Remastered version will be available on Playstation for the first time. And thankfully not only for the PS5, just in case you haven’t got your hands on the next-gen console.

“The original game was only available for Xbox 360 and a few years later, PC. We are thrilled about the opportunity to bring the remastered version out for a new generation of platforms. I am excited to hear what you think about Alan Wake.  

Alan Wake Remastered is the original experience you fell in love with all those years ago. We did not want to change that. But the visuals all around, including the character model of Alan Wake himself and the cinematics, have been updated and improved with some choice next-generation upgrades.”


How can you not be excited about this news? The promise of updated and improved graphics along with the next-gen upgrades could see Alan Wake become even more revered than it currently is. And it could entice a new generation of gamers in the process.

But what could this mean in terms of a sequel? For years fans of the game were crying out for a follow up to what is regarded as one of the greatest psychological horror games. There has been much discussion over the years and back in 2013, Remedy Entertainment explained that a sequel had to be postponed due to not being financially successful. So could the newly remastered version of Alan Wake possibly mean that we could expect a follow up in the near future? Ok, there’s no mention of it just now but I for one am living in hope!

I would recommend this game to anyone and will be looking out for it immediately upon release.

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