Is Bugs Bunny Behind Transphobia?

Is That A Shotgun Or Are You Just Pleased To See Me?

Is Bugs Bunny Behind Transphobia?

Disclaimer: This article is a parody of the current spike in transphobia, and is not meant to be used as scientific evidence. If you have strange feelings for sexy Bugs Bunny, you need a cold shower and some flagellation as there’s no way you could like anything other than whatever your mind thinks a woman is!


You can hardly go anywhere these days without a clickbait story about a celebrity or comedian complaining about transgender rights. Their main argument is “What if men dress up to pretend to be trans to enter female-only spaces?” This seems quite a strange argument as most CIS men (including myself) look more like a bag of spanners in drag than a woman. If we used this as a disguise to get into dressing rooms, toilets (why?) or other protected, safe spaces for women nobody would let them in. The latest celebrity idiot is Ricky Gervais, who for some unknown reason decides to give ten whole minutes (600 seconds) of his new Netflix special to attack transgenders.

This deep-rooted fear that putting on a dress, false eyelashes, a dress, high heels and a couple of oranges stuck down a bra somehow turns Brian Blessed into Jennifer Lawrence has been a TV and Movie trope for decades and I have always wondered where this strange argument comes from and I think we can put the blame squarely on… Bugs Bunny!

Now stay with me here, don’t touch that button yet… take the image above, to trick Elmer Fudd, Bugs cross-dresses and immediately becomes a femme fatale character able to snare any man with a flutter of their eyelids creating an army of sex slaves.

As Elmer says “Hubba Hubba!”

The artists who draw Bugs seem to spend more “time” on his female personas and the sexy Bugs question at school was up there with Betty or Wilma (or Shaggy or Fred.) These ten-minute shorts have spent decades slowly creeping into the wider subconscious of society. Any freak can confuse you with a good makeup job so to protect others we need to do something about this. How can women feel safe in any space when with a quick change Bugs could be below that outfit?

Just have a look at this compilation of Bug’s “scariest” gender transformations!

Some Like It Hot (1959)

This argument goes further than Bugs Bunny, let’s add to this with some well known popular culture that could be keeping poor Ricky up at night worried that they are coming for him/they. One of the most classically loved movies is “Some Like It Hot.” When two musicians witness a mob hit, they flee the state disguised as women in an all-female band, but further wacky complications set in! In the movie, many traditional female safe places are invaded by goofy actors Curtis and Lemmon. This must make many women worried that lady that sits in their dressing room and refuses to shower, bathe, strip or change is actually a 1950s actor on the run from the mob while googling their lady bits.

Who Was That Mysteriously Handsome Playboy?

Is the mysterious playboy that shows up looking a lot like one of the showgirls actually a secret pervert hiding in plain sight?

Carry On Girls (1973)

A local businessman convinces the town council of a seaside resort to stage a beauty contest, persuading them that it will be a marvellous publicity stunt, but the idea meets with fervent opposition from the local Women’s Liberation group, led by a fearsome woman councillor. To draw in the press he hides his mate, Bernard Bresslaw, as a female to be revealed to much shock in the final.

The dude Looks Like A…Dude

This movie is another example of a man somehow becoming an attractive woman through the application of clothes, makeup and underwear. Bresslaw (with stubble and arm hair) bumbles around dressing rooms with scantily clad women, all very happy to strip off while he smirks in the corner. This film goes even further into the anti-trans zeitgeist by suddenly swapping him out to be replaced by Valerie Leon with nobody the wiser. I wonder if a young JK Rowling watched this film and sat away at night worried that every six-foot muscular woman (with heavy body hair) was a pervert in disguise!

White Chicks (2004)

Two disgraced FBI agents, Kevin Copeland and Marcus Copeland are assigned a new case where they must protect Tiffany and Brittany Wilson, two cruise line heiresses, from getting abducted. Their master plan is to lock the girls up and use their Holywood Markup skills to turn them into Paris Hilton look-alikes. This adds further fear to the mix, not only are two men crossing the gender barrier… now they are crossing the race barrier! Can you imagine if either ever become President and had to explain the time they wore Whiteface and Drag?

Hilarity ensues when Terry Crews tries to have sex with one of them and lots of penis jokes ensue!

Spot The Difference

The above picture shows the root of his nightmares for Dave Chappelle, if the Wayan Brothers can look like the Hilton sisters how can he trust that every other woman is not a Wayan Brother in disguise? Are all 4 billion women on the planet actually all Wayan brothers out to trick poor Dave? To make sure let’s pick on the very small number of the trans community who have gone through mental, physical and surgical trauma to feel comfortable in their skin and identity.


The idea that a sub-community of men (or women) go through gender reassignment surgery to ogle or attack others is both ludicrous and deeply hurtful to the majority of people. By all means, suspend disbelief to imagine Bugs as a woman but don’t transpose this once you switch off the TV.

If you are struggling with identity or gender perhaps reach out to Trans Support Scotland, LGBT YOUTH or Stonewall Scotland or make a donation to these incredible charities if you can!

I hope you enjoyed this article on Is Bugs Bunny Behind Transphobia?

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