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Casting Call – Glasgow Extras for Indiana Jones

He Needs you!

Casting Call – Glasgow Extras for Indiana Jones

You have to either be blind or really confused to not have noticed that Glasgow City Centre has been transformed in New York 1969 over the past few weeks. With Indiana Jones 5 filming in locations across the UK at the moment, the iconic Glasgow streets can easily take the place of America.

With a film comes extras.. those faceless background characters that run, scream or walk behind the on-screen action in a film.

What is an Extra?

A background actor (or Extra) brings reality to crowd scenes in the film, allowing the film or show to feel more lifelike. Whether eating in a restaurant (I guarantee the food will be cold after the second take) or walking from point A to point B the background actor is the unsung hero of many films. The hours are long, the pay is OK but the kudos of pointing out constantly to friends, family and casual observers that the elbow on screen belongs to you will guarantee immortality to anyone brave enough to venture on screen.

But there is no price that can be put on the chance of rubbing shoulders with A list stars, drinking coffee from the same pot as they did or being ushered back when you ask for a photo. They are not being rude, they are working and most are happy to pose with you at the right time. But don’t get grabby as you’ll end up on the cutting room floor faster than a George Square zombie outbreak.

Do I need to look a certain way?

Yes…and no.. most companies want a good mix of people for background scenes allowing all sizes, shapes, genders and ethnicities to equally take the brave role on as an extra. Some scenes will give indications such as screaming women, cheering children or old men needed but the wardrobe, makeup and casting teams can transform you from a 5ft woman into a policeman in the background, dead body freshly eaten by a zombie or even an American patriot cheering the Lunar Astronauts back to Earth.. which brings us back to Indiana Jones

Why Glasgow?

Glasgow’s architecture and grid format make it ideal to film production companies from World War Z, The Batman, Fast & Furious and 1917. Shows like Outlander regularly use locations across Glasgow and the west to double up for 18th-century locations. What better location than Glasgow to be transformed into 1969 New York welcoming back Apollo 11 Astronauts with a ticker-tape parade?

Great How Do I Apply?

The Agency, Casting Collective, has been reported this week to have an urgent call out for extras and background actors for short notice filming here. You’ll need to upload at least three recent photos (no photoshopping they need to see the real you), your Passport and National Insurance Number and your measurements (for wardrobe) finally as there are child acting restrictions I think you’ll need to over 17 as it could be late-night shooting. Who knows you could be the next big star as a result of taking part.

Glasgow during World War Z

Get in Touch

Have you been in a film as an extra, were you in a Glasgow production? Did you meet any stars or get insider photos? Share them with us here on BGCP.

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