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Review – The Batman

Review – The Batman Directed by: Matt Reeves Written by: Matt Reeves & Peter Craig Produced by: Matt Reeves & Walter Hamada Starring: Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz & Paul Dano Release Date: March 4th 2022 I got to see The Batman for review on opening night and it blew me away. I have since gotten to see it a second… Read More
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Official Synopsis For The Batman Released

As we edge ever closer to the much anticipated release of director Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman movie, the hype train is gaining momentum. To add to this, the Warner Bros.’ UK website have dropped the official synopsis for the film, giving fans a better idea of what they can expect to see from Robert Pattinson’s take on The World’s Greatest Detective. The full synopsis… Read More
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Review – Suicide Squad: Get Joker #1

Suicide Squad Get Joker! Issue #1 Writer: Brian Azzarello Artist: Alex Maleev Colours: Matt Hollingsworth Letters: Jared Fletcher Publisher: DC Black Label Release Date: 4th August 2021 Variant Cover Artist: Jorge Fornés The Joker Must DIE Tasked with ending the trail of broken, bloody bodies left in the Clown Prince of Crime’s wake, Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad – now led… Read More
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Review – Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two

SUMMARY After the gruesome death of the forgotten son of the Falcone family, Batman finds himself back to square one in the Holiday investigation. As the festive fear continues and suspects are picked off one by one, so to does trust begin to unravel. The question isn’t who is Holiday? anymore, but who do you believe in? ART As I’ve… Read More
Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One Comic Movies Reviews 

Review – Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One

SUMMARY Gotham’s annual festivities turn to fearful nights of fright as a mysterious murderer known only as Holiday picks of the Falcone and Roman families one by one on each consecutive holiday. It’s up to Batman, Harvey Dent & Jim Gordon to put the pieces together and save Gotham from a year-long seasonal serial killing spree. VISUALS Firstly, character designs… Read More
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The Long Halloween Cast Announced

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the voice-cast for the long anticipated animated film, Batman: The Long Halloween, has been revealed, including the late Naya Rivera and Jensen Ackles. Finally, Batman: The Long Halloween is getting the animated movie treatment. With Chris Palmer (director of Superman: Man of Tomorrow) at the helm, it’s shaping up to be a star-studded two parter… Read More
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‘The Batman’ Has Officially Wrapped Production

‘The Batman’ has officially wrapped production. Director Matt Reeves made the announcement via social media, showing off a clapperboard from the upcoming film. The director showed off a production slate in a box with other items that are sure to be dissected by keen eyed fans looking for any more clues about the highly anticipated film. ‘The Batman’ was delayed… Read More