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Daniel Radcliffe Talks Wolverine

Daniel Radcliffe Talks Wolverine

Ever since Disney acquired Fox and therefore the rights to the X-Men, Marvel fans have been speculating on who could play the iconic group of mutants within the MCU. One of the most anticipated castings is that of Wolverine. Now fans are wondering if the next Wolverine could be Daniel Radcliffe.

There have been two actors who have dominated fan speculation when it comes to who could follow Hugh Jackman’s iconic performance as the Wolverine; Tom Hardy and Daniel Radcliffe. Whilst I believe that both would do a fantastic job, the fact that Tom Hardy plays Venom within the MCU-adjacent Sony universe, effectively rules him out.

This leaves Daniel Radcliffe, the former boy wizard who has transitioned into a formidable acting powerhouse, giving ranged performances which encompass the versatility and depth needed to accurately portray the Wolverine. At 32 years old, he would also be an appropriate age to play a fresh version of the character and carry him on through the coming years.

The SXSW festival recently took place at The Paramount Theatre in Austin, Texas on Saturday the 12th of March. Radcliffe was there to promote his new film; The Lost City and he spoke to Comicbook.com regarding the Wolverine rumours. He had to say the following;

“So many times, people come to me like, ‘Hey man, heard the Wolverine news. That’s pretty cool.’ And I’m like, ‘Mate, it’s not, I don’t know anything about it. Like I appreciate that somebody is clearly going like, ‘Wolverine’s actually short in the comic books, you should get like a short guy to do it!’ But I don’t see myself, I don’t see them going from Hugh Jackman to me afterwards, but who knows? Prove me wrong Marvel.”

– Daniel Radcliffe

Whilst there is a chance that that last sentence may well have been said in jest, knowing Radcliffe’s sarcastic sense of humour, it does almost sound as though he is canvassing for the role. The fact alone that he is willing to talk about the rumour at a press event, coupled with the fact that he laid down the gauntlet for Marvel to, “prove him wrong,” seems like this could be a project he is potentially interested in.

This does somewhat contradict something that Radcliffe said previously on the matter, when he told Yahoo Movies in August of 2019 how he felt about the idea of playing a rebooted Wolverine saying;

“Most of the films that I love I don’t think I would want to see remade. And I certainly don’t think that I would want to be in the remakes of them.” 

– Daniel Radcliffe

At the time of writing, Marvel have not yet officially announced anything with regards to the live action versions of the X-Men within the MCU. With that said, it is an inevitability at this point given the popularity of the X-Men, with many people expecting Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness to officially introduce mutants into the MCU.

Whilst we know that Patrick Stewart will reprise his role as Professor Charles Xavier in the movie and I believe that Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman could make appearances as Deadpool and Wolverine respectively, Doctor Strange 2 could function as a passing of the mutant torch. Could that torch be handed to Daniel Radcliffe?

What do you think the likelihood is of Daniel Radcliffe playing Wolverine? Would you be happy if this casting was to be officially announced? Let us know in the comments section below.

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