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Jim Shooter Reveals A Live-Action Secret Wars Project is in Development at Marvel Studios

Live-Action Secret Wars

Live-Action Secret Wars coming to MCU?

Superstar writer, Jim Shooter has revealed that Marvel Studios have begun developing a Secret Wars movie in a Q&A Session at Megacon, Orlando.

When asked if he sees Marvel “going towards” Secret Wars for the next phase of the MCU, Shooter (the writer of the original 12 issue Secret Wars run) seemed to confirm that it was not beyond the realm of possibility.

In his response, Shooter claims to have originally been approached by an executive who offered him a lacklustre contract for a novelisation of the run. Shooter found the deal to be “unacceptable” and turned it down. Shortly after, he received a call from a senior member of the Marvel staff who offered him a much more satisfactory deal to the sum of $10,000 which he accepted.

Although Shooter said that the contract had no mention of Marvel owning the rights to original characters of the run or Spider-Man’s iconic black costume, and he hasn’t been told any specifics, he “knows for a fact they’re trying”.

The Secret Wars event began in each individual hero’s respective magazines, with all of the chosen heroes feeling “called” to a massive mechanical ring that mysteriously appeared in Central Park and that instantly transports them to a location called Battleworld when they step inside. The events of each character being transported from Earth to Battleworld were depicted in:

It is soon revealed that a cosmic entity known as the Beyonder had gathered this large assortment of superheroes and super-villains on Battleworld to see who would win in a fight of good against evil.

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