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Marvel Source Leaks Big Comic Plans

Marvel Source Leaks Big Comic Plans

Bleeding Cool hinted last night that reliable sources at Marvel hinted that massive new comic plans will be announced today, 31st August. What those plans are not actually told and the article includes an amazing X-ray of his dental problems to fill out the required 300 words within the article, that’s how light the actual content was.

Substack Effect

So what could this mystery be? Well, earlier this month many of the gods of comics writing announced that they were leaving the big houses for the little known site Substack, so far James Tynion, Scot Snyder, Saladin Ahmed and Molly Knox Ostertag are moving to get better control of content and characters (as well as that sweet, sweet cash.) The newsletter platform announced that it’s signed a number of comics creators up to use its platform. They’ll email comics out to readers and use Substack’s subscription tools to charge directly for access to their work. So could this BIG news be about new writers to some of the big titles? Will Marvel be signing up talent to run their prized assets?

TV and Movies

Marvel has been pushing a lot of energy into its film and TV media with two big movies within 2 months with the fan favourite Black Widow movie and a bigger gamble on the widely unknown Shang Chi. Since January they’ve also dominated the streaming content with four big hits Wandavision, Loki, What if? and Falcon and the Winter Soldier. This has helped fans jonesing for new media content and all have been slowly creeping towards the Multiverse. Last week the internet exploded with the trailer of the big Christmas 2021 movie Spider-Man: No Way Home and if I was Marvel I’d be pushing a lot of hints and Easter Eggs into the comics between now and then.

Comic Events

This week sees the launch of the limited-run event Dark Ages where a villain or villains block the sun leading to chaos in the Marvel Universe. Could we see the death (again) of many of our favourite heroes or villains? This could lead to a fresh crop of new or lesser-known characters stepping into the limelight. Ram V is also about to take the reins of Venom after the way too long King In Black series that took over the comics in 2020 could we get an Immortal Hulk version of a tortured soul trapped within the symbiote? will we get Secret Wars III?

Storm in a Teacup?

Who knows what the Mighty Marvel will unleash on the world at about 1 pm GMT? Will it actually just be a new title or just another money-making machine with limited plots and effects? Tune in and BGCP will get the news of the Leaked Big Marvel Plan as soon as we know!

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