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Everything Missed In The Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer

One of the most anticipated trailers of the year is finally here. Just a few hours ago, the first trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home finally dropped. You can see it above if for some reason you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet.

In this article, we are going to go through and highlight some major things that you might have missed in the No Way Home trailer. We will also go over some comparisons to comic book story lines along and some speculation regarding the film’s plot.

Picking up where we left off.

The previous film in the MCU Spider-Man franchise, Spider-Man: Far From Home, ended with a pretty shocking reveal. This bombshell left our hero in somewhat of a dangerous position. As I’m sure you will recall, due to Mysterio’s supposed murder being broadcast to the world, J. Jonah Jameson took it upon himself to reveal to the world that Peter Parker is in fact, the Spider-Man.

The No Way Home trailer shows us glimpses of the immediate aftermath of this revelation. We see Spider-Man frantically swinging himself and MJ away from the ensuing chaos. Afterwards, Peter goes back to school where he seems to have somewhat of a celebrity status, tinged with hostility. Peter also describes via voiceover how his true identity being revealed is putting his loved ones in danger. This is the first of many parallels that we can draw to the infamously controversial J. Michael Straczynski Spider-Man comic; One More Day.

No Way Home Trailer

We then see Spidey and MJ standing atop a bridge whilst news and police helicopters swarm them from every angle. I’d be careful up there Pete! We all know that you don’t have a great track record of letting your girlfriend stand near the edge of a bridge!

Honouring a Spider-Man legend.

This one is a fairly small thing, but important nonetheless. When MJ and Peter are lying on the rooftop, in a quick blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shot, you can see some graffiti on the wall in the background. This graffiti reads, “DITKO,” in reference to the legendary Marvel Comics co-creator Steve Ditko. Ditko was responsible for co-creating the characters of both Spider-Man as well as Doctor Strange. I thought it was such a nice thing to include in the No Way Home trailer.

No Way Home Trailer

Controlling the damage.

Due to Mysterio framing Peter for his murder, we see Pete being interrogated by someone who appears to be a police officer at first glance. However, if you look a little closer at the logos on the man’s jacket, you can read the abbreviation; “DODC.”

No Way Home Trailer

This acronym stands for Department of Damage Control. The last time we seen these guys was when Adrian Toomes lost his contract to the Tony Stark owned firm in Spider-man: Homecoming in the wake of the Battle of New York. This organisation is also present in the Marvel comics and are the team who get called in after a big battle has taken place to help clean up the mess left behind.

A man without fear?

Sadly, Charlie Cox does not make an obvious appearance as Matt Murdock in this trailer as previously rumoured, That said, we do get a glimpse of a man slamming down some files on the table in the interrogation room. Some say that this could possibly be Daredevil. This is pure speculation and he could just as likely be another DODC officer. However, it would be nice to see the Man Without Fear make his official MCU appearance here.

No Way Home Trailer

Turn and face the Strange.

The trailer also confirms Benedict Cumberbatch’s involvement in this movie. He returns as Doctor Strange for the first time since he was clicked back into existence along with Peter after Avengers: Endgame. The introduction of the Sorcerer Supreme into this movie is also similar to the One More Day plot.

Peter goes to see Strange to ask him to cast a spell that will cause everyone to forget that he is Spider-Man. Strange seems to be entertaining the notion, but Wong warns him against it saying that it would be too dangerous before disappearing into a portal. Could he be on his way to fight the Abomination as seen in the Shang-Chi trailer?

No Way Home Trailer

Messing with the Multiverse.

After watching Loki, most MCU fans should have a fair grasp on the multiverse at this point. At least let’s hope so as it seems to be making its way into every MCU property going forward. Essentially it looks like the good Doctor’s spell doesn’t exactly go to plan due to Peter interfering whilst the spell is being cast. This leads to a break in the multiverse, meaning characters from any other Spider-Man universe can now step into this one.

The Black and Gold Spider-Man Costume

We have already seen glimpses of this black and gold Spider-Man suit in various leaks and promos. However, in the No Way Home trailer we finally get to see it in live action. Although it isn’t certain where this suit has come from, it does seem to have ties to the magic arts. Could it perhaps be a Tony Stark designed suit merged with some Doctor Strange mystical goodness?

No Way Home Trailer

Looking at the background in this scene, Peter seems to be running through the charity organisation that Aunt May works with.

Something seems Sinister.

With this multiverse opening up, we then see hints to several iconic Spider-Man villains. Could No Way Home contain the first big screen appearance of the Sinister Six? It is looking fairly likely at this point.


The first hint that we get towards a past villain is this yellow lightning bolt. The bolt strikes and blows up a police car. While this is far from confirmation, when you view it along with Jamie Foxx’s past comments about returning to play his character from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, it becomes a little more obvious. A storm is never just a storm in the Marvel universe, so there is no reason that this one would be any different.

No Way Home Trailer

One of the most interesting elements of this shot is the colour of the lightning bolt. It is not the blue colour that one might expect based on the character’s design in TASM2. Instead it is very clearly yellow, which would line up more accurately to the classic version of the antagonist from Marvel comics.


This blink-and-you’ll-miss-it clip shows something leaping towards Spidey from behind and taking a swipe at him. Unfortunately, the clip is too brief and too dark to actually make out what is attacking Peter here. However, many seem to think that it could be the Lizard, A.K.A Dr Kurt Connors. Additionally, some have wondered whether or not this could in fact be Venom, but I personally don’t believe that to be the case.

No Way Home Trailer


This one is definitely more or a reach. Whilst the clip pictured below does feature an abundance of sand, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Thomas Hayden Church is reprising his role as the character from Spider-Man 3. There has however been many speculating online that this could in fact be the re-emergence of Sandman.

No Way Home Trailer

Green Goblin

This reference is a little more on-the-nose. We hear the unmistakable cackle of Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin while this signature pumpkin bomb rolls towards the camera and explodes. Although we are deprived of seeing Dafoe in all of his psychotic glory, this hint is more than enough to confirm to fans of the character that he will indeed make an appearance in No Way Home.

No Way Home Trailer

Doctor Octopus

This one is simply undeniable, Alfred Molina is back as Doctor Octopus; one of the greatest onscreen supervillains of all time. With some CGI de-aging and a simple, “Hello, Peter,” he has fans hyped beyond belief to see what they do with this iconic villain. This was the highlight of the No Way Home Trailer for me.

No Way Home Trailer

What is interesting is, this scene looks like it could take place immediately after that pumpkin bomb explodes. It is also questionable whether Otto is saying hello to the Spider-Man from this universe, or the Spider-Man that he knows personally, played by Tobey Maguire.

This is also the first time that we have seen Doc Ock outside of the comics since 2018’s Spider-Man PS4 game developed by Insomniac.

Overall, I thought that this first trailer No Way Home was awesome. It got everyone very hyped for the film, whilst not giving too much away and still gave us plenty to talk about. I personally have been a fan of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man since his debut appearance in Captain America: Civil War. To get to see him have his own mini crossover-event movie is really cool.

What did you think of the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer? Let us know in the comments and give us a shout if there is anything else that you think we missed.

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