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Review – MARVEL’s Alien #3

MARVEL's Alien #3

Review – MARVEL’s Alien #3

Written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Artwork & Colouring by Salvador Larroca & Guru-eFX

Published by MARVEL Comics

Released in May, 2021


MARVEL’s Alien #3 is the third instalment of a brand-new spin off series set after the events of the Alien franchise. Written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson with artwork and colouring by Salvador Larroca and Gure-eFX

Onboard the Epsilon Station, Gabriel Cruz is in search for an off the books Weyland-Yutani project known as Alpha and if possible, his son Danny. The Xenomorph however, has emerged from the shadows and is running wild on the survivors of Epsilon Station. Cruz stands face to face with his past, present and future fears with only one way out of the station alive. No one leaves with their life until the job is done. 

MARVEL's Alien #3


Firstly, the suspense has been growing and it’s time for this Alien series to hatch. With a much less subtle horror than before, Larroca & Guru-eFX burst through the pages to produce a monstrously graphic horrorshow with a radiating blood red glow from the exposed rib cage of an all but dead soldier. In a word? Visceral. 

MARVEL's Alien #3

Scenery and scenes alike have a cold and claustrophobic clench on tension throughout MARVEL’s Alien #3, even Cruz’ memories are haunted by the chill of an enclosing and eclipsing dread. 


In contrast to the common trope of the Alien franchise having expendable characters (whether that be intentional or accidental), Johnson manages to give the reader emotional attachments to even the most trying personalities in the series. A big part of this I believe comes from his dissonant blend of vicious realism and fictitious horror; no matter how unbelievable, you believe every statement of bewilderment and shock.

MARVEL's Alien #3

Without saying too much else, Johnson has struck a balance between relatable characterization, gripping storytelling and spine-tingling suspense, coupled with the phenomenal artwork. With each issue the plot thickens, like a viscous blood splatter sticking it’s landing across the faces of fear. 


In conclusion, MARVEL’s Alien #3 is the much-needed release of visceral bloodletting to keep fans of the franchise happy. An emotionally bloodcurdling experience that sees our main character falling further into a void of hopelessness, facing and clinging to fragments of the past, present and future to pull himself through the darkness. 


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Let us know in the comments your thoughts on MARVEL’s Alien #3, who the Xenomorph should go head to head with in the MARVEL UNIVERSE & how excited you are for the return of Stubs the Cat.

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