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Far Cry 6 Livestream Recap

Far Cry 6 Livestream

Today’s Far Cry 6 Livestream event hosted by Ubisoft finally brought us a release date for the game along with not one, but two brand new trailers. The first trailer revealed more details in terms of the game’s plot and fleshed out the game’s characters and the other was a deep-dive into the gameplay of Far Cry 6, showing off the game’s vast arsenal and the two-player co-op system.

The protagonist of Far Cry 6 is called Dani Rojas and players can choose to play as either the male or female version of Dani, though the trailers feature the female version of the character. The game’s plot revolves around the timeless theme of revolution. Dani is a freedom fighter fighting in Yara against the island’s ruthless dictator Antón Castillo, portrayed by the phenomenal Giancarlo Esposito.

The development of Far Cry 6 is being carried out by Ubisoft Toronto. The game was originally due to release back in February of this year, however it will now land on October 7th 2021 on Xbox Series X&S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Stadia, Amazon Luna and Windows PC.

One of the game’s other major characters revealed in the story trailer was Clara Garcia, who is in charge of the revolutionary group called Libertad. We also got introduced to Juan Cortez, who is described as a “jaded ex-KGB spy and guerrilla master.”

You can check out the story trailer below:

One of the new twists that has been implemented into the Far Cry gameplay formula, which is feeling fairly tired at this point in the series, is the “resolver” arsenal. The trailer reveals that this new arsenal is put together for the player by Cortez and includes miniguns made from scrapped motorcycle engines and backpacks capable of firing missiles.

Another new feature that was revealed during the event is the ability to holster your equipped weapon. You are then free to wander around the environment eavesdropping on conversations to gain vital information without raising any suspicion. This will aid players that choose to follow the stealth route greatly.

The popular feature of liberating locations such as checkpoints and outposts is thankfully featured again in Far Cry 6. The outposts will be named FND Bases in the new game and incorporate locations such as abandoned schools, TV stations and farms.

The new gameplay trailer that shows off these features is below:

What did you think of today’s Far Cry 6 Livestream? Let us know if you are excited to get your hands on the game in October down in the comments.

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