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New Sonic Game Coming In 2022

New Sonic Game Coming In 2022

New Sonic Game Coming In 2022

Y’all! There’s a new Sonic game coming in 2022! Sega’s also releasing a remaster of Sonic Colors and a Sonic Origins collection.

Today, in celebration of 30 years of Sonic, Sega held a Sonic Central to share what’s coming next for the Blue Blur. Most of the news centred on boring crossover content like Sonic-themed costumes being added to Sega’s Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – The Official Video Game and Two Point Hospital. But hidden among the rough were a few diamonds (literal and figurative).

Sonic Colors: Ultimate, a remaster of 2010’s Sonic Colors, is coming September 7 to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

The re-releases aren’t limited to Sonic Colors Ultimate. Sega’s also re-releasing the first five Sonic games—SonicSonic 2Sonic 3Sonic & Knuckles, and Sonic CD—as the Sonic Origins collection. No word yet on which consoles will be available.

Sega’s known for tucking full games inside of other, larger games like an overstuffed video game burrito. Fans anticipating the release of Lost Judgement can also look forward to playing the fighting game Sonic: The Fighters as one of many arcade games nestled within the Yakuza-like.

To end the presentation, Sega teased the next Sonic game in development. The 31 second trailer featured a 3D Sonic running through a lush jungle in a weird pattern that transforms into some alien rune. It’s been four years since the release of Sonic Forces and Sonic Mania and fans (it’s me, I’m fans) have been aching for a new Sonic game. Thought it’s only a minute scrap of information, I’m just glad to know something new is coming from Team Sonic. Here’s hoping more information is forthcoming.

A cinematic teaser for the next Sonic game that debuted during Sega’s Sonic Central Livestream shows our heroic hedgehog running through a forest, blasting forward with a burst of speed that implies some sort of digital effect. Sonic sprints in a loop and disappears, forming what appears to be a stylized rune shape (or maybe it’s the word “zap”?). Regardless, it appears that Sonic will continue to go fast in the coming year.

Beyond that, Sega and Sonic Team revealed little about Sonic’s next adventure, but we do know that the game is coming to a wide variety of platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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