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Review – Ant-Man (2015)

Review - Ant-Man (2015)

Review – Ant-Man (2015)
Director: Peyton Reed

Screenplay: Edgar Wright, Joe Cornish Adam McKay, Paul Rudd

Story: Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish

Based on: Ant-Man by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby

Producer: Kevin Feige

Main Cast: Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Evangaline Lilly, Corey Stoll.

Release date: July 2015


I hadn’t watched this film until two days ago, at the time of release it just didn’t appeal to me. A film about Ant-Man a character I ignorantly imagined as an ant crossed with a man and was like uuurgghh! No thanks, that didn’t appeal to me in any shape or form! How daft was I?!

It of course stars the ageless Paul Rudd as Scott Lang, I mean seriously ageless! I still can’t really get away from the characterisation of him as Mike, Phoebe’s cooky boyfriend and husband in Friends.

Since then going on to play Brian Fantana in Anchorman with the famous Sex Panther line as one of my all-time favourites. “60% of the time, it works every time.” I mean who doesn’t love quoting that?! I will often break into singing afternoon delight when I look at him! He then followed with films such as the 40yo Virgin and Knocked up. Amongst so many others, he hasn’t changed a bit. How is that possible? What is his secret?! Anywho, back to the film and not my annoyance at ageless superstars. Whilst I struggle with saggy eye sacks and crows feet in my 30’s!

Ensemble cast

The film has an exquisite ensemble cast, from the great Michael Douglas who plays Professor Pym brilliantly with a little CGI work for his younger version in the film … Perhaps that’s what I need, a CGI filter of me in my 20’s projected onto my face at all times? Could work?!
Then the ever beautiful Evangeline Lilly playing Hope Pym with her kick-ass sass and sad back story. She performed it with both empathy and strength highlighting what a tough cookie Hope is.

The baddie, Darren Cross is played brilliantly by Corey Stoll. I mean such contempt and narcissism mixed with total brutal murdering. He is grim!

We also have an Avenger make an appearance in the form of the Falcon, Sam Wilson. As well as a few familiar faces as Scott Lang’s backup team; in the form of Michael Peña, David Dastmalchian and T.I.

A Troubled Production

The film was hit with trouble during its production as Edgar Wright, the director and Marvel parted ways in 2014. Yes Man’s Peyton Reed took up the directors mantel. Whilst Paul Rudd stepped up to do a last-minute re-write with Anchorman pal, Adam Mckay.

So there is a little confusion in the narrative. Especially with trying to decide whether Scott Lang is just a one time criminal. With his Robin Hood Esq take from the corporates and give back to the poor or a lifetime crook. His family treat him like he can’t help fall back into crime. Whereas the audience is only told of the one crime he committed to end up in prison! So that could have been straightened out.

Does Ant-Man work?

Yes and….no. There are some brilliant and numerous humorous moments thanks to Paul Rudd’s rewrites. For example, the Thomas the Tank engine toy being super-sized. Then exiting a child’s bedroom through the window. Finally taking out the side of the house with it, wobbling eyes and all! To the fast-paced talking, typical of Edgar Wright’s narrative. Then Yellow Jacket being caught in a bug zapper. However, for all the fantastic humour there were some serious moments that felt brushed over.

Review – Ant-Man (2015) continues below

Review - Ant-Man (2015)

The Bit That Didn’t Work

The heartfelt chat between father and daughter about how Hopes mother died. I don’t understand why Dr Pym waited that long to tell her and why at that moment of the film? It wasn’t a poignant moment, nothing huge happened so it seemed an odd moment to then suddenly tell Hope. Especially something he could have told her years ago to prevent him from losing her.
To have Lang butt in was a bit cliche. Just as the emotions of the characters are actually developing. However, probably needed as Lilly and Douglas didn’t really feel like father and daughter. Separately their characters were good solid characters but together they just didn’t click for me. Therefore, Lang’s intervention broke a bit of awkwardness in the acting.

Final thoughts

The story overall was short, sharp and to the point fairly intelligently written and a good sci-fi film. Marvel is back to basics which it does so well and a really easy and engrossing watch. Without being too deep and serious like a lot of the goings-on in the MCU at the time.
Overall it is a good character introduction and sets up for the later films in the MCU. I get why people were confused about it being at the end of Phase 2 and not the start of 3. However, it works for me. Frankly, the easy watching and humour make Ant-Man one of the most loved films and characters in the MCU. A film that works for hardcore Marvel fans as well as a good watch for families.

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