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Review – Moon Knight #1

Review - Moon Knight #1

Review – Moon Knight #1

Writer: Jed MacKay

Artist: Alessandro Cappuccio

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Release Date: July 21, 2021

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The Mission

The mysterious Mr Knight has opened his Midnight Mission, his people petitioning for protection from the weird and horrible. The Moon Knight stalks the rooftops and alleys marked with his crescent moon tag, bringing violence to any who would harm his people. Marc Spector, in whichever guise he dons, is back on the streets, a renegade priest of an unworthy god. But while Khonshu languishes in the prison that Moon Knight put him in, Moon Knight must still observe his duty: protecting those who travel at night.
Let it be known – Moon Knight will keep the faith.

Welcome to the Midnight Mission, my name is Mr Knight

Moon Knight has always been a difficult child for mother Marvel. Each writer and artist wants to make it their character and this creates a classic anomaly of confusing and opposing storylines. MacKay gets around this by quickly drawing a line under them in this issue and refreshing the character.

This Mr Knight has a storefront office, the Midnight Mission, from where clients approach him and ask for the Right Fist of Khonshu to protect them as they travel through the night. The first client is worried about missing people from the same block. Spector tracks down a vampire pyramid scheme and despatches the full vampires before hiring one of the victims as his receptionist. Between missions, he’s seeing an Avenger appointed therapist Dr Sterman, who wishes to both diagnose and support him while checking his risk to others. Her speciality Menticide, or brainwashing, helps her understand how Marc’s brain has been affected by the Moon God, Khuonshu coupled with his DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder)

To add to Marc’s problems he’s also got another part of the Cult of Khonshu moving into the neighbourhood, and he is not happy with Moon Knight’s track record.

How Can I Help You?

Cappuccio’s work grabs you from page one’s full-page introduction to Mr Knight sitting in a chair offering help. From there a two-page spread showing Knight exploding through the windscreen of the pyramid scheme vampires van. It has a slight 90s vibe, but to be honest that suits Moon Knight and the use of colour, lettering and panelling does an amazing job in one issue to get new readers up to speed with the key plot points.

The crescent cape and cowl panels are amazing showing how Moon Knight can use his devotion to instil fear.

Overall Thoughts

This issue has three levels, the usual caped antics fighting random baddies, the therapeutic sessions with Dr Sterman and finally the undercurrent of greater evil emerging to oppose the Moon Knight. It’s good to see mental health no longer a joke in comics and supporting Marc’s recovery via his therapy may help some readers who suffer from mental conditions that impair or limit their life. Bravo for tacking this area while still keeping the silliness the comic is known for.

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