Review – Basilisk #7

Review – Basilisk #7

Review – Basilisk #7

Writer: Cullen Bunn

Artist: Jonas Scharf

Colouring: Alex Guimaraes

Publisher: Boom! Studios

Release Date: 2nd February 2022

Variant and Virgin Covers: Jorge Fornes

Review – Basilisk #7

Chapter 7: Offerings To The Chimera

With her car wrecked, Hannah is inconsolable after experiencing traumatic flashbacks, and on the run from Jimmy-Boy, who is dangerously close to ending her. Vanessa obtains unexpected power, but wants more, and is even willing to kill those close to her to get it…

Writer: Cullen Bunn

The issue opens after Hannah reached the town where the Chimera massacred everyone. With her mind still feeling the guilt over her affair, she keeps going over the moments again and again. Jimmy-Boy is close on their tale and makes the car crash off the road. He threatens Regan but chases after Hannah, using his flesh powers to make her eat her own arm.

Bunn makes this a much more intimate issue with the action mainly focussed on Regan, Hannah and Jimmy-Boy. When it strays we see Vanessa becoming more and more unhinged and towards the end of the issue, she takes matters into her own hands to set up a final battle with Regan and Hannah.

Artwork: Jonas Scharf

As usual, Scharf starts on a high and finishes the issue with another one-pager that makes the reader hungry (sorry Jimmy-Boy) for the next issue. The fight sequence between Regan, Jimmy and Hannah is gory, grotesque and glorious with poor Hannah stuck between two Chimera before the shotgun settles the fight. Jimmy’s half missing face, still continuing its final sentence is a perfect example of artwork taking a great script to a higher level.

Overall Thoughts

The action is speeding up as we head straight for a Regan versus Vanessa finale. Will Hannah play a real role of will her crippling injuries as well as the weight of her guilt mean that she can’t complete the task she promised to her dead family? It’s in safe hands here with Scharf and Bunn steering the title as masters of horror.

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