Review – Batman: Reptilian #5Comic Reviews 

Review – Batman: Reptilian #5

Review – Batman: Reptilian #5

Review – Batman: Reptilian #5

Writer: Garth Ennis

Artist: Liam Sharp

Publisher: DC Comics

Release Date: 17th November 2021

Variant Covers: Cully Hamner & Francesco Francavilla

5. Tears And Laughter

After following a trail of carnage, Batman has finally come face-to-face with the reptilian that’s been menacing Gotham’s underworld. And this horrific creature only wants one thing: its mother. But who is its mother? Pick up this penultimate chapter to find out the impossible answer to that question!

Writer: Garth Ennis

I’m, err, finding it hard to explain the first few pages of this issue. It, err, starts with Batman asking Killer Croc to suckle the “Alien Baby” he had, when this fails Batman suggests he mate with his child in some of the most bizarre images and script I’ve seen. Batman then does the scariest laugh he’s ever done in an issue. As the now annoyed creature flies off, Batman encourages the Joker Goon he’s been using as an informant as bait in the Batmobile. When he finds out he’s bait, even though Batman promised him he wouldn’t be he gets 100 volts for trying to leave.

Ennis lets Batman have all the best lines in this issue and both Croc and the Goon look like idiots. The issue jumps its own shark in the final two pages, but I’ll let you experience that for yourself.

Artist: Liam Sharp

Sharp’s work is raw, visceral and a bit weird. The best pages and panel are the confused Croc breaking the 4th wall and giving the readers a “Help, I have no idea what’s happening!” kind of look.

Other completely nuts panelling includes the below, a “sexy” xenomorph style nod to Bugs Bunny cartoons where the female always has big lips to lure in the male. It’s off the reservation nuts, but hilarious.

Overall Thoughts

Enni’s Batman is dark twisted and I shudder to think what his dark laugh sounds like, and with his script layered with the visceral work that Sharp has put it, I can’t wait for the finale.

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