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Review – Beyond the Breach #1

Review - Beyond the Breach #1
Cover Art

Review – Beyond the Breach #1

Writer – Ed Brisson

Artist – Damian Couceiro

Colourist – Patricio Delpeche

Letterer – Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

Publisher – Aftershock Comics

Release Date – 14th July 2021


You could say that Vanessa’s life pretty much sucks right now. She just lost her mother to cancer and her boyfriend is cheating on her (with her sister no less!). She decides to leave it all behind and take that road-trip to California that she’s always dreamed of.

She’s enjoying that picture-perfect drive through Cooks Valley until THE BREACH hits. A weird anomaly in the sky has plunged California into an inter-dimensional nightmare. And now Vanessa, along with her new companions Dougie and Kai, a strange Mogwai like creature, must fight to survive against the space creatures emerging from the anomaly killing everything in sight!


Survival horror may not be a new concept inn comics but Ed Brisson has brought his take on it. And it’s good! Beyond the Breach has a well written lead and fantastic supporting characters and I for one am excited to see where it goes. Brisson himself is a writer who should need no introduction but if you have been living under a rock, you may want to check out his back catalogue, which is substantial!


Let me start by saying that the artwork is superb. The level of detail utilised in each panel is just sublime. Damian Couceiro has really captured what Brisson has conveyed in his storyline and it only serves to enhance the action and horror further. Add in Patricio Delpeche’s bold and vivid colouring and this pair, along with renowned Letterer Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, and you have the perfect art team working together harmoniously.


Beyond the Breach #1 is a superb first issue. Aftershock have been releasing some fantastic comics recently and this looks like it could be another great comic run. Brisson and the art team have combined to great effect on this book and it is one that should be picked up immediately! I’m really looking forward to the next issue in this series.

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