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Richard E. Grant Wants a Loki Spin-Off Series

Richard E. Grant Wants a Loki Spin-Off Series

WARNING – spoilers ahead!

Richard E. Grant Wants a Loki Spin-Off Series

The fifth episode of Loki introduced us to a number of new Loki variants, including acclaimed actor Richard E. Grant’s Classic Loki. This Loki was the oldest of all the variants, and actually managed to escape Thanos by magically turning himself into a piece of floating debris (unlike our Loki from the main MCU timeline). Although this character seems to have died in Episode 5, Grant is eager to get his own spin-off series following Classic Loki and everyone’s new favourite character – Alligator Loki.

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Richard E. Grant Wants a Loki Spin-Off Series

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, the actor explained “Alligator Loki was fantastic because in reality, he was three stuffed sofa cushions that had been sewn roughly together to react to,”.

“The fact I was the only person that could understand what he was saying was just fantastic. I think it’s the perfect segue into have a Classic Old Loki and Alligator Loki as a sub-series to go to next.”

When Richard E. Grant was asked about his future as the character, he stated he would like to reprise the role of Classic Loki. Although the character is presumably dead, fans know that nothing is ever set in stone with the MCU.

Speaking more about his possible return as Classic Loki, Grant said “If I had a muscle suit, most certainly. I was denied that. I saw the costume design, and I was very familiar with Jack Kirby’s original illustrations from the ’60’s, so I thought, “Ah, this guy’s got muscles!” As I had been born without any, I was finally going to get in a muscle suit. I got to Atlanta [to begin filming], and they said, “There’s no muscle suit! You’re just wearing this!” So I was very, very upset about that. Short-changed!”.

Would you be interested in a Classic Loki/Alligator Loki spin-off series? Who is your favourite Loki variant? Please share your opinion with us on social media!

The full season of Marvel’s Loki is now available for you to stream on Disney+. You can sign up here.

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