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Review – Batman: The Detective #4

Review - Batman: The Detective #4
Batman: The Detective #4 is written by Tom Taylor with illustrations, inks and colouring by Andy Kubert, Sandra Hope and Brad Anderson.

Review – Batman: The Detective #4


After consenting to the Lyon Interpol’s arrest for the attempted murder of Ducard, Bruce Wayne is taken in for interrogation where he looks to find answers in their questions. Just who are Equilibrium and what more do they know about Batman? The mind games reach their boiling point in Batman: The Detective #4.


In contrast to Kubert and Anderson’s apocalyptic sightseeing upon the heights of Europe, this issue takes a more grounded and claustrophobic approach to it’s scenery. This in turn, allows the gritty details and silhouette inks to fall upon the characters. Bruce Wayne in particular showing off both inner and outer turmoil with visible scarring and revealing twitches in the face of his shadowy adversary’s mindgames.

Review - Batman: The Detective #4

The colour palette’s vibrancy has begun to fade as Equilibrium’s mindgames reach their end. This new withered palette from Hope brings a Fincher-esque tension to the table as the bleak reality of Equilibrium’s actions begin to take a hold of Bruce Wayne and his psyche.


The narration of this comic reads like the inner brooding monologue of Rorschach from Watchmen, another equally dark and gritty vigilante with a knack for undercover masquerading. Like Noir poetry, it’s difficult to tell if Batman has it all figured out or if he’s taking it one step at a time. C’est magnifique!

With each new issue of Batman: The Detective series, Taylor carefully introduces a new element or style to keep things fresh. This issue in particular takes on the aforementioned Fincher-esque thriller style with shocking twists slowly and surgically pealed back from the psychologically damaged skin of Batman and Bruce Wayne.


Batman: The Detective #4

In conclusion, Batman: The Detective #4 is a thrilling masterclass in the mythos of our dark detective. Hyper-focused with the potential for grander and harsher affairs, this comic will haunt even the most grizzled Batman fan!

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