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Review – Bolero #1

Review - Bolero #1

Review – Bolero #1


Story: Wyatt Kennedy

Art: Luana Vecchio

Lettering: Brandon Graham

Publisher: Image Comics

Release Date: January 12, 2022

Variant Artists: Megan Hutchison-Cates, Maria Llovet, Jim Mahfood

Part 1 (53 Hops Left)

A new series from two bright-eyed and bushy-tailed little scamps!

A woman running away from a broken heart discovers a mother-key into parallel universes. The rules are:
*    The key can work on any door.
*    The mother will only let you visit 53 universes.
*    Do not ask to speak to the mother.
*    Never hop more than 53 times.

Story: Wyatt Kennedy

Meet Devyn “Dagger” Dagny a tattoo artist suffering from a broken heart who will do anything rather than face the pain and heartache of a breakup. Kennedy describes Bolero as Sex Criminals meets Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind in this fantastical, emotional journey featuring a beautifully diverse cast of characters, I see it more as Quantum Leap meets Sliders. Devyn meets a mysterious man at her best friend’s concert and after a quick tryst, he offers her a way out of the universe to start again.

Without thinking, Dagger jumps through an anti-door and finds herself in the place between worlds, and is provided by the rules of the Mother-Key by Cargras (pronounced Capgraw) a friendly cat avatar come gatekeeper.

When launching the series Kennedy told Image comics:

I sincerely can’t thank Image enough for giving us the chance to tell this story. I’ve lived with it and these characters for nearly six years, and no one besides the tremendously talented Luana Vecchio could have imbued this with such soul and joy and kept me from rewriting it for the 87th time.

Wyatt Kennedy

I think he’s done a great job with a unique tale on doing over your life and being careful what you wish for, and of course why set any rules if you are not going to break them?

Art: Luana Vecchio

There’s a slight dream-like quality to Vecchio’s artwork even before we step through the door with Dagger to a bizarre plane. Devyn is drawn in the most sympathetic light, running from any problem life pushes at her.

When launching the issue Launa said:

“Page by page, Wyatt and I put our whole love and passion for comics into this miniseries to convey the strong sense of loneliness and despair that many feel after the end of a relationship,” said Vecchio. “Running away might often seem like the simplest solution, but there is no simple solution when dealing with pain”

Luana vecchio

Overall Thoughts

This extra-long 50-page first issue allows enough plot and character development to feel almost like two combined issues. Devyn would rather run to a parallel world than deal with simple issues like work, love and friendship, but she is not alone in the world and most readers will relate to her amazing skills at avoiding anything outside her comfort zone. The rules entice forthcoming problems as we skip through realities and mess up alternate versions of Dagger’s life. It’s romantic, sexy and abstract in the best possible sense.

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