Review – Newburn #2

Cover Art

Review – Newburn #2

Writer – Chip Zdarksy

Artist – Jacob Phillips

Publisher – Image Comics

Release Date – 15 December 2021

Cover Art – Jacob Phillips


An arson case finds Emily talking to the community about the criminals involved—and about Newburn. If he’s as dangerous as they say, will Emily choose to help him? PLUS: The mystery deepens in “BROOKLYN ZIRCONIA”.

Second issue in the exciting new series from CHIP ZDARSKY (Daredevil) and JACOB PHILLIPS (THAT TEXAS BLOOD) featuring the riveting backup story, “BROOKLYN ZIRCONIA,” by rising stars NADIA SHAMMAS and ZIYED YUSUF AYOUB!


After a fantastic first issue, I was excited to see what Chip Zdarsky would bring to the table next. And I was not disappointed. It’s another superb issue in what looks to be another outstanding series for Image Comics. The way that he portrays Newburn as completely calm and collected in the face of adversity, whilst juggling multiple gangland employers, really is fascinating. And add in to that, the character of Emily, whose journal gives an insight into both her and the protagonist and works well in both characters development.


I really enjoy Jacob Phillips’ work in this book as he captures that Noir feel perfectly. And whilst Chip Zdarsky has given us a strong storyline, it is Phillips who brings it to life and really captures the imagination. His colour and pencil work are both quite subtle and his use of neutral colouring is understated. But it’s his detail in the facial expressions that really caught my eye and especially that of the protagonist Easton Newburn. Given how gritty the subject matter is, it makes sense that this should be a focus.


Chip Zdarsky with another fantastic book. It seems to be a phrase that I have said many times this year. But take nothing away from Zdarsky, he is an amazing writer and deserves all the praise he is receiving. I had enjoyed his work on Stillwater but Newburn has really caught my attention and I find myself eager to pick up the next issue after each instalment. And if having Chip Zdarsky as writer wasn’t enough, then you have the artwork from Jacob Phillips which is dark and gritty and matches the storyline perfectly. Fans of Mafia/Crime dramas and of Daredevil should be picking this up as a matter of course!

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