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Review – BRZRKR #4

Review – BRZRKR #4

Review – BRZRKR #4

Publisher: Boom! Studios

Writers: Keanu Reeves & Matt Kindt

Artist: Ron Garney

Colourist: Bill Crabtree

Letterer: Clem Robins

Release Date: July 28th 2021


After a bit of a hiatus from the series, as I was getting slightly fed up with the repetitive nature of the book, I decided to pick up BRZRKR #4 for review.

I ended my review of the previous issue hoping that the prehistoric backdrop would be dropped and readers would rewarded for sticking with the meandering backstory by getting treated with another modern day mission as seen in the first issue. I am sad to report that this is not the case and we spend yet another issue with caveman Keanu.


The thing that struck me the most in this issue was the choice to end the ‘first volume,’ and therefore the first story arc in this fashion. What I mean by that is; nothing really happens in this issue. Sure his mother dies, it has absolutely zero impact and isn’t worth more than a passing thought.

Review – BRZRKR #4
Feel anything? Me neither.

Other than that half-baked piece of clumsy character motivation though, the actual plot in this issue is painfully basic. Keanu’s parents have a fight, Keanu goes to battle with his dad, Keanu and his dad come back to find his mother dead. Then Keanu leaves his father to die and then Keanu gets killed and obviously comes back from the dead.

Although this may sound like quite a lot happens in the issue, because none of it is actually explored in any depth, it all feels shallow and pointless. Yet again, this is a total waste of an issue in terms of storytelling. The lack of dialogue in the issue again speaks to Kindt and Keanu’s inability to pen decent dialogue.


In terms of art, it is the same straggly nonsense as seen in the first three issues and the style is really starting to wear thin over time. The most interesting visual in the issue is the sequence where Keanu is torn apart limb from limb and then resurrected via a weird fleshy cocoon. That said, it isn’t really anything that we haven’t already seen before in a Wolverine book.

Review – BRZRKR #4
Heard it, mate.

Again, the colouring from Bill Crabtree is painfully basic. The colouring through these last three issues has had a lazy, paint-by-numbers feel to it. The flashback scenes are all made up of reds, oranges and other hot colours and the present day stuff is all blues and greys and colder colours. This gives the whole issue an overly simple look which lacks in detail.


Overall, I was hoped that when I read BRZRKR #4 for review, it would be the saving grace of this first volume and finish on a solid, strong note. Sadly, this issue is not what it needed to be at all and just seems like such an anticlimactic way to end the first story arc of a brand new comic series.

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