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The Venom 2 Post Credits Scene Changes Everything!

The Venom 2 post credits scene is a game changer. This article will break down the reveal in detail and discuss its implications.


The Reveal

If you are still with us then you have either already seen the movie or are much like myself and don’t care about spoilers, so here we go.

Tom Hardy’s Venom is officially joining the MCU and will go onto to fight Tom Holland’s Spider-Man!

The Scene In Question

First let’s discuss how this bomb was dropped and then we will go into the implications of this massive reveal.

In the post-credits scene of Venom: Let There Be Carnage, after Eddie and Venom dispose of Cletus Kasady, Eddie lies in bed watching TV and speaking with Venom. The alien symbiote asks Eddie if he would like to see a fraction of what its species is capable of and transports Eddie to a totally different room to the one that he started in.

The Venom 2 Post Credits

Shortly afterwards, we see that the TV channel has also changed and what is now being shown is the Daily Bugle report that we first saw broadcast in Times Square at the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home. The voice of J.K Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson rants about how Spider-Man’s real name is Peter Parker and he murdered Mysterio.

The Venom 2 Post Credits

We even see an unmasked Peter Parker on the TV played by Tom Holland and Eddie turns back into Venom and licks the screen where Peter’s face is.

The Venom 2 Post Credits

The Implications Of This Reveal

So, what does this mean for the Sony-verse and the MCU going forward?

Well first of all, a lot has already been said about how the MCU version of Spider-Man already doesn’t have his own Doc Ock, Electro or Green Goblin, as they are all pulled from other various universes as seen in the No Way Home trailer. Now it seems like he won’t have his own Venom or Eddie Brock either as they have been brought across from the Sony-verse. This is pretty disappointing to any long-time Spider-Man fans. Not to mention the fact that this version of Venom is pretty naff.

Secondly, this version of Venom is way more of an anti-hero than he is a straight-up villain, so how are they going to justify him going after Spider-Man? Are they going to pin all of that on the fact that Venom saw the Daily Bugle report claiming that Spider-Man is a murderer? If so, then I can see that wearing pretty thin over the course of the film.

Next, (and what is probably the biggest let-down for me,) is the fact that this means that Tom Hardy cannot play Logan A.K.A The Wolverine in the MCU when they introduce the X-Men. Yep, all of that glorious X-Men fancasting has just been thrown right out of the window in favour of giving us more of this crap version of Venom.

Finally, are you telling me that this version of the alien symbiote can just straight-up jump between various realities in the multiverse? No real rhyme or reason seems to be given for how Venom is capable of this, nor is there any precedent for it in the comic book source material. Shoehorning something as major as this in without giving any real context or explanation for it seems like extremely lazy writing.

Who knows what this means going forward. If I had to guess, I’d assume that Venom will likely not appear in No Way Home other than maybe a brief post credits scene, as that movie is already stuffed with a multitude of villains making up the Sinister Six. I think we will instead most likely see Venom Clash with Spider-Man in Venom 3.

What do you make of the reveal dropped in the Venom 2 post credits scene? Are you disappointed that this version of Venom is the version that we will see in the MCU? Or are you looking forward to seeing the two Toms battle in Venom 3?

Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.

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