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Review – Buffy Tea Time #1

Review – Buffy Tea Time #1

Written by: Mirka Andolfo

Artwork: Siya Oum

Cover by: Mirka Andolfo

Published by: BOOM! Studios

Pages: 42

Release Date: June 30 2021

Variant Covers: Sweeney Boo and Junggeun Yoon


Who watches the Watcher?

Best-selling creator, Mirka Andolfo (Mercy, Unnatural) along with artist Siya Oum (Lola), present a story of everyone’s favorite Watcher like you’ve never seen him before!

Rupert Giles has been many things — Sunnydale’s foremost occult expert, high school librarian, mentor, and father figure — but Buffy and the Scooby Gang are totally unprepared for… Giles the vampire.

With the Watcher’s cunning, experience, and intimate knowledge of the Slayer — will Evil finally prevail?

Written by: Mirka Andolfo

Andolfo tells a what if? style story where each of the Scooby Gang imagining how they would deal with Giles if he became a vampire. Each mini-story is written in the style of the character so Xander’s is a bit crap, just like the character whereas Willow’s and Buffy’s are much stronger.

It’s….OK for diehard fans of Buffy but after the amazing 90s show and the incredible story arcs written over the years it lands a little flat.

You don’t care for these vignettes, as you know they are just that, stories within stories. It’s all a little safe and by the numbers.

The creepy Buffy version of the story, where she imagines herself following Giles into vampirism is on the wrong side of pervy, with Giles dressing her in a pervy outfit.

Finally, the scene at the Bronze (the worst thing about the show) are written as if Andolfo has never been in a nightclub with clichés like glitter balls and random band on stage.

Artwork: Siya Oum

Oum’s art is the best thing about this book, each character is easily identifiable and the show is recreated within the issue are the 90s authentic look.

The Cover art sells the book with the stunning limited cover by Junggeun Yoon worth the price of the book alone.

Overall Thoughts

It’s all a bit too easy and changes the tone of the writing based on each character doesn’t work, especially giving Xander two stories drags the issue down. Buy this if you’re a Buffy fan and need everything to keep your collection or you like the variant covers otherwise save $8 and buy two or three better comics from BOOM!

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