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The Boys Videogame Adaptation Teased?

The Boys Videogame Adaptation

A recent tweet from the official Twitter account for Amazon’s The Boys TV series has lead some fans to speculate that a videogame adaptation of The Boys could be in the pipeline. At the very least, it could be an attempt to see how much interest and desire there would be for a videogame adaption of the comic and show.

There is, of course, the possibility that this tweet could amount to absolutely nothing and could have been put out purely to get fans talking online. However, it has certainly raised some eyebrows across the fandom and the fan response would suggest that there is a demand for a game based on The Boys.

Speculation surrounding this idea began after a tweet was put out from The Boys TV series Twitter account that read; “But what would a The Boys video game look like?” It didn’t take long for the tweet to gain a significant amount of traction from fans of the comic and the show. The general consensus regarding the game’s play-style was that an open-world style game would probably suit the adaption best.

Obviously, this tweet is not confirmation that a video game adaptation of The Boys is actually on the horizon. That said, it is interesting that Amazon apparently feel confident enough to even put the idea out there onto the internet. Considering that The Boys is one of the most popular TV shows ever put out by Amazon, they must have known that fan speculation would be rife following this tweet.

Bearing this in mind, it might not be crazy to speculate Amazon could be planning to start development on a videogame adaptation of The Boys. We could eventually even see an official announcement of the game at next year’s E3 event. Whilst that announcement most definitely is not coming anytime soon, it is worth remembering that Amazon do have their own videogame department titled, Amazon Game Studios.

What do you think of this tweet and the speculation surrounding it? Do you fancy the idea of a videogame adaption of The Boys? If so, what would you like to see from a project like that?

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