Review – Clodagh (Kickstarter)

Review - Clodagh (Kickstarter)

Review – Clodagh (Kickstarter)

Writer: Simon Birks

Artwork: Willi Roberts

Lettering: Rob Jones

Publisher: Blue Fox Comics

Available: Kickstarter live now

Issues #1 & #2

A dark and disturbing journey of jealousy and evil, set in a world halfway between Game of Thrones and Scott Snyder’s Wytches. As a witch decapitates, devours and destroys anyone who stands in her way, ex-warrior Clodagh must battle through a world of mercenaries and murderous hulks to reach and rescue her stolen family.

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Writer: Simon Birks

Wit his other comics include Robyn, Gone, Hexes, Sinners, The Girl in the Midnight Gown and The Shadow Over Innsmouth, which have all successfully raised funds for printing using the Kickstarter platform Birks is a safe pair of hands for this new title.

The issue starts in a damp and dark cell with a prisoner begging to be let go. He here’s the voice of his companion and asks him to open the door only to be presented with his friend’s decapitated head by a grotesque witch. It’s a strong start to the issue and it keeps up as we pan wider to the surrounding villages where her target Fillan lives.

Birks creates the character of Clodagh, a mysterious female fighter now living with Fillan and his daughter in a peaceful village. You get to see small sparks of her talent when the town turns on her and she skillfully takes on several brutish peasants. Birks also doesn’t fall into the Red Sonja trap and Clodagh wears proper practical clothes and armour rather than chainmail bikinis.

Artwork: Willi Roberts

Roberts seems most at home drawing the witch and her evil monsters in this comic. They are stunningly defined and pop out of the page with malicious joy, pages oozing with pus-filled greens and yellows, turning the stomach of unsuspecting readers. The talking dog that joins Fillan as he’s assaulted by a giant acts as a great comic relief as well as a wise sage and I picked up issue #2 with gusto to carry on the plot.

Overall Thoughts

When looking to pledge to a Kickstarter you should be immediately drawn in by the characters, plot and rewards and the team at Blue Fox have done it again. Each character is strong enough to allow the reader to create gaps in the pages within their imagination and the lettering by Rob Jones gives the witch a boost as she seems to breathe poison as she talks. Do yourself a favour and pledge at least to get the pdf pledge version to see what all the hype is about.

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