Review – Hulk (2021) #3

Review - Hulk (2021) #3

Review – Hulk (2021) #3

Writer – Donny Cates

Penciler – Ryan Ottley

Colour Artist – Frank Martin

Letterer – VCs Cory Petit

Cover Artist – Ryan Ottley

Publisher – Marvel Comics

Release Date – 19 January 2022

Variant Covers – Alan Quah, Marco Turini


There is another Bruce Banner! But where is his Hulk? The answer to that question? Well, it’s a doozy. And it’s about to change our Hulk’s entire course of action! The most insane, action-packed HULK story you’ve ever read gets even MORE epic as Donny Cates and Ryan Ottley take things to a whole other level!

Issue #3 continues where the last issue left off and Star-ship Hulk being pulled through a wormhole. Only to find Bruce Banner coming face to face with… himself!


This is an interesting one from Donny Cates as this issue is less action driven from the previous two issues. But that doesn’t take anything away from the storyline itself. And carrying on from the last issue, the Star-ship Hulk finds himself face to face with none other than Bruce Banner! But who is this Bruce Banner and what will it mean for the Smashtronaut? Cates starts off this book with a flashback to the El Paso incident and we can see that he is still haunted by the event. But there is something dark hiding in his psyche, could this be another Hulk personality? Cates storytelling throughout is really well done and I’m looking forward to the next issue already.


Ryan Ottley continues to excel in the art department. And his level of detail in this book is just breath-taking. I just found myself poring over each individual panel and marveling at his work. And I love that he doesn’t hold back on the level of violence. Having read ‘Invincible’ from start to finish, it’s good to see that he’s brought that same energy here. I have to highlight the two page spread, where we see what happened when the Gamma bomb went off in this world. Ottley captures the grotesque horror perfectly.


For some reason this felt like a shorter issue. But that aside, it’s still a really enjoyable read and another fascinating instalment to the ongoing ‘Smashtranout’ series. Donny Cates continues to weave a masterful storyline and accompanied by superstar artist Ryan Ottley, the pair are firmly putting their own stamp on the Green Goliath. It’s really refreshing to see a whole new take on what is a very complex character, given how long the character has been around and the various storylines over the years.

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