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Review – Dune House Atreides #9

Review – Dune House Atreides #9

Review – Dune House Atreides #9

Mature Review: Discussion of Assault and Violence

Adapted & Scripted By Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson

Illustrated By: Dev Pramanik and Mariano Taibo

Cover Art By: Evan Cagle and Jeff Dekal

Published By: Boom! Studios

Available: 25th August 2021

Review – Dune House Atreides #9

Issue #9

Was foul play involved in Leto’s father’s untimely death? Follow the new Duke Atreides as he stops at nothing to find out.

Power, lies, and corruption continue as Baron Harkonnen hatches a plan to frame Leto for an attack on the Tleilaxu even as Shaddam prepares to usurp the throne from his father once and for all.

Writers: Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson

The Duke is dead.. long live the Duke! Leto steps out of the shadow of his father and takes up the mantle of leader of House Atreides but his first order of business is the murder of his father. What can stableboy Duncan Idaho tell him about the events and why does his mother want the matter swept under the carpet?

The Emporer is dead…long live the Emporer! On Kaitan, Shadam quickly disposes of his father body to stop any scans allowing him to step up the production of artificial spice on Ix. But under the city of Vernii C’Tair is plotting a revolt, slowly watching the hated Tleilaxu destroy his house’s work.

But the biggest threat is the vain Baron, on Geidi Prime he plots with his mentat how he can stop the Shadam and blame Atreides thereby removing them both.

Herbert and Anderson are taking a 700-page tome and enhancing the experience with landscapes, cultures and a script that shows why the prequels are just as important as the main Dune novel.

Artwork: Dev Pramanik/Mariano Taibo

Pramanik has a little help from his friends on this issue with Taibo tackling the action on Junction, the homeworld of the mysterious Spacing Guild. The Geidi Prime artwork (such as the horrific “No Field” room complete with bodies of all of the construction engineers is a shockingly powerful image of the cruelty of the Baron.

Overall Thoughts

The fast-paced action jumping from planet to planet is seamless in this issue and the reader doesn’t feel overwhelmed or confused by the twisting and long plots as they slowly converge. I do not recommend picking up individual issues casually as you’ll end up with a nose bleed but for those that have every issue, this is starting to build into an exciting crescendo that sets the pieces nicely for the original book. If you have missed an issue you’ll need to wait for the collected editions.

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