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Review – KISS Phantom Obsession #2

Review - KISS: Phantom Obsession #2
Cover Art

Review – KISS: Phantom Obsession #2

Writer – Ian Edginton

Artist – Celor

Colourist – Valentina Pinto

Letterer – Troy Peteri

Publisher – Dynamite Comics

Rating – Teen+

Release Date – 8th September 2021

Cover Art – Jae Lee

Variant Covers – Stuart Sayger, Tim Seeley & Celor


The band find themselves at the mercy of the richest man on the planet, Darius Cho. But just what does he have planned for them? And could a new ally be the key to their escape? And didn’t that Kaiju in the last issue look familiar? So many questions! That’s why you should be picking up the latest issue from Dynamite Comics.

KISS: Phantom Obsession #2 features the talents of Ian Edgerton, Celor, Valentina Pinto and Troy Peteri. And if that’s not enough, it has amazing variant covers from the likes of Stuart Sayger, Tim Seeley and Celor. You wanted the best, you got the best, the hottest band in the world… KISS!


It can be hard for a writer to follow up on a really great first issue. But thankfully Ian Edgerton doesn’t have that problem. I must admit I’m a massive fan of KISS and have picked up many comics over the years. And certainly, there is a question mark about whether the storylines can be kept fresh. But with that being said I am thoroughly enjoying the books so far and after finishing issue #2, am looking forward to next month’s instalment. And that may be due to Darius Cho’s supporting cast which was teased at the end of the book!


So we have all these amazing covers but what about the rest of the book? Well given that one of those variant covers is from Celal Koc (AKA Celor), you should have a good idea of what’s in store. It’s great, simply put. And it’s completely fitting as an accompaniment to Ian Edgerton’s story. Then you only have to look at the colouring from Valentina Pinto which is so subtle in it’s usage that you note that it’s not pulling focus from the artwork.


After last month’s action-packed cliff-hanger, I was worried that maybe the next instalment wouldn’t live up to the hype. But I needn’t have worried. Ian Edgerton is a writer who’s been around for a while and certainly knows what he’s doing. And that is evident from this book. It’s another action-packed issue featuring the Heavy Metal giants KISS and fans of the band will be delighted with this offering. But even if you have no idea who KISS are, then the artwork of Celor and Valentina Pinto should be more than enough to catch the eye.

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