Review – Elvira Meets Vincent Price #3Comic Reviews 

Review – Elvira Meets Vincent Price #3

Review – Elvira Meets Vincent Price #3

Review – Elvira Meets Vincent Price #3

Written By: David Avallone

Art By: Juan Samu

Colours By: Walter Pereyra

Letters By: Taylor Esposito, Elizabeth Sharland

Cover Art By Dave Acosta (cover A)

Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

Rated: Teen+

Release Date: 17th November 2021

Variant Covers: Juan Samu, David Acosta, J Bone, Cassandra Peterson (photo- cover), Anthony Marques

Raiders of the Lost Schlock!

Elvira and Vincent’s Ghost arrive in Cairo, hot on the trail of the missing movie that can save the world from Amun-Ra! It’s a game of cat-and-mouse among the pyramids, as a pair of silent comedy assassins stalk Elvira and Vincent, ancient crypts are infiltrated, angry goddesses are awakened, and tourists are confused… in a story, we call “Raiders of the Lost Schlock!” Adventure, horror, and temples of doom but no crystal skulls, we promise… in this latest issue from writer David Avallone (Bettie Page, Legenderry: Vampirella) and artist Juan Samu (Black Panther, Transformers)!

Written By: David Avallone

With enough innuendo to make a 15-year-old blush Elvira checks into the hotel in Cairo, complete with Vincent Price complimenting her choice of underwear (he was packed in her luggage.) Next, we head to find Ahmed Alhazred, the screenwriter for the Rise of the Ram movie they’ve been chasing.

Alhazred has the book that Cleopatra is looking for and our hapless pair lead the baddies straight to it.

Avallone really seems to enjoy cramming as many jokes as possible in the issue and for me, the absolute peak is where two background characters have an argument as they haven’t been scripted names and threaten to move to Image Comics.

Art By: Juan Samu

Samu’s artwork, as with previous issues, is at its best in the numerous facial expressions he gives our heroine, followed by the deadpan expression Pricer mastered in life.

Overall Thoughts

Look, if you’re at issue #3 of the series you’ve already committed to the full series run and it’s a worthwhile distraction for the nonsense in the world at the moment. Avallone’s love for the subject matter shines through the issue.

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