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Review – Imogen of the Wyrding Way #1

Review – Imogen of the Wyrding Way #1

Written by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden

Illustrated by Peter Bergting

Coloured by Michelle Madsen

Lettered by Clem Robins

Published by Dark Horse Comics

Available on 23rd June 2021

Variant Cover


While on a job in Denmark with her fellow Wyrders, Imogen hears some odd news: hundreds of refugees fleeing the spread of Nazism are travelling into the nearby forest, and never returning. Helping a young man find his refugee family will bring Imogen face-to-face with some of the worst that war can inflict upon those in need–and make her ask the difficult question of what she’s really fighting for.

Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden, the writing team behind Baltimore and other Outerverse titles, spotlight the witch Imogen in this exciting one-shot.

Writers: Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden

This is a good simple story showing the darker side if refugee’s displaced by war. In the 1930s, in Denmark’s Tivoli Gardens, Imogen traps and expels a group of vampires who are feeding on the growing refugee and transients fleeing Nazi Germany. She’s approached by a young man who has lost his family as well as advising that a larger group of refugees have gone missing. The refugees are getting taken to safe passage by Trolls but no one has heard from them.

Imogen takes the job, but is concerned that Trolls can smell magic, sure enough, when walking along the trail to safety with other refugees one of the Trolls smells out Imogen and chaos insues.

Artwork: Peter Bergting

From the cover alone you can tell the tone of it. It starts dark with a girl encouraged up an Alley attacked by vampires and continues with beautifully drawn wyrding casts. Madsen and Clemins enhance Bergting’s artwork with dark shadows and classic lettering choices familiar to those who read Hellboy or BPRD. The climax, although expected works well as a cautionary tale and using full silhouette for the “eating” scene with the trolls allows the readers imagination to do the hard work

Overall Thoughts

Golden and Mignola’s cautionary tale here sits well as a single shot issue, you do not need any prior knowledge of Baltimore or the Outerverse. The tale is clear, simply written but all the better for it. The rest of the creative team enhances the issue with clear artwork, brooding colours, and on-point lettering.

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