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Announcement: A Gander @ Gaming

A Gander @ Gaming

Hey folks,

A couple of days ago, I uploaded my “review,” of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild onto the site. This was my first piece I have written since joining the site at the start of the year that was as much a piece written to criticise aspects of the gaming industry as much as it was a critique of the game in question.

This piece served as somewhat of a tester that allowed me to gauge reader interest regarding pieces that are more general critiques of the industry as a whole, rather than a review of a specific game. The piece got a good amount of engagement in the places that I shared it and so I have decided to go ahead with an idea that I have been kicking around for a while.

A Gander @ Gaming

Good people of the internet, I would like to announce A Gander @ Gaming. This will be a series of critical essays and discussion pieces written by yours truly, that will open up a conversation regarding several different aspects across the videogame industry. That can include anything from shocking scandals, to current trends, to groundbreaking acquisitions.

We will most likely be covering some controversial subjects as well as industry traits that just generally annoy me on a daily basis. Also, if this series garners a decent amount of interest over time, I will be happy to eventually take reader suggestions and opinions on-board when it comes to these pieces.

The first piece in the series will go live a week from today, on Thursday the 1st of July and other entries will follow from that date on-wards.

I have dipped my toe into this more discussion-based writing before, when I wrote a piece defending the hate received by the Venom movie. However, up until this point, I have never put out a fully fledged discussion piece through BGCP, let alone a series. So my friends, please join me in this adventure and let’s see where it goes.

– Dan

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Daniel Boyd

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Daniel is a 26-year-old writer from Glasgow. He loves sci-fi and hates fantasy. He also hates referring to himself in the third person and thinks that bios are dumb.

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