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Review – Jack Irons: The Steel Cowboy #1

Review – Jack Irons: The Steel Cowboy #1

Creator/Writer – Cody Fernandez

Line Art/Concept – Maxi Dallo

Colourist – Matias LaBorde

Published – Wikid Publishing

Available on: Wikid Publishing/ IndieGoGo / Patreon


“Jack Irons: The Steel Cowboy” is a science fiction western set across history with a main character who is over 200 years old and has well over 2000 years of past life memories. Cursed in a past life with the burden of immortality in his next, Jack struggles to find the peace that will forever be denied him.
The year is 2076. In a savage wasteland populated by zombies, mutants, post-apocalyptic raiders, aliens, and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, can Jack save what remains of humanity and find a way to end his life? Or will he come to terms with his unique and amazing existence and become the beacon of hope a dying species needs?


Fernandez takes his inspirations here from a mix of Highlander, The Wild West and Mad Max. Irons has access to the many, many deaths his previous incarnations suffered and after seeing the worst in humanity he’s parked at a bar stool reliving his past with a drunk patron.

His dark past at the hands of savages, kings and invaders seems etched over his face and narration. Jack’s obviously done some bad things but quite a few have been done on him in defence.


Dallo’s artwork is bright, energetic and the opening scene in ancient Sumeria feels raw, showing the hardship faced in his first life set the scene for the rest. Watching your mothers decapitation before you’re similarly dispatched isn’t an easy draw.

The panelling, action sequences and full page panels add strength to the storyline.

Overall Thoughts

Welcome to the Weird Space West! This does feel a bit like two comics in one as most of the action is focused on the past, meaning we’ve yet to see more of the world of 2076. Give it a go if you like Westerns it’s grizzly, silly and worth a read.

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