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Review – BRZRKR #3

Review – BRZRKR #3

Review – BRZRKR #3

Publisher: Boom! Studios

Writers: Keanu Reeves & Matt Kindt

Artist: Ron Garney

Colourist: Bill Crabtree

Letterer: Clem Robins

Release Date: June 16th 2021

I was recently asked to read through BRZRKR #3 for review and at this point, I feel duped. For yet another squandered issue we follow BRZRKR through a flashback from 80,000 years ago. Instead of getting the cool, spec-ops, immortal soldier story that was set up in the first issue, we get more crappy caveman nonsense.

The lame reasoning of the therapists trying to find out where BRZRKR came from justified one issue set in the Stone Age, but two issues is pushing it. For some reason Matt Kindt and Keanu have decided to stick to with the naff caveman setting and it is quickly getting old.

Something else that is becoming blatantly obvious as these issues go on is that Reeves and Kindt do not know how to write decent dialogue. The first issue used minimal dialogue, so this wasn’t a problem at that point. However, with issues 2 and 3, the poorly-written old timey dialogue is becoming extremely tiresome to read through.

Review – BRZRKR #3
Is this really the best that they can do?

The one saving grace in this third issue, is that it ends with BRZRKR coming back from a wet-work mission in Chile. Hopefully, this means that we are finally rid of the boring 10,000 BC backdrop and with any luck in the next part of the story, we can finally get back to the futuristic military sci-fi story that was set up in the first issue.

I said in my review for BRZRKR #2 that the one positive in that issue was Ron Garney’s scraggly art style as it worked well with the primal backdrop. Unfortunately, by BRZRKR #3, I have started to tire of the unpolished look of the illustration and it is starting to give off an unfinished vibe that is lacking in quality rather than the cool intentionally dishevelled feel that it provided in the first 2 issues.

If I had to say one positive thing about the artwork in this issue, it would be that I enjoyed the way that the murder montage was laid out on page 9 of the issue. I guess it could also be said that the artwork is of a consistent level of quality and Bill Crabtree does a serviceable job when it comes to the colouring in the issue.

Review – BRZRKR #3
Cool page layout, just a shame that cavemen conquering murder sprees weren’t what we signed up for.

Overall, this may not be the worst issue in the series so far, but as it follows the first two, it will likely leave you frustrated and fatigued by the end of it. This series really has to pick up with its next entry, otherwise I feel that a good amount of people who were initially on-board with it could give up on the series, myself included.

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