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Review – My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #97

My Little Pony Friendship
My Little Pony #97 cover

Review – My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #97
Writer: Jeremy Whitley

Art: Tony Fleecs

Letterer: Neil Uyetaker

Publisher: IDW publishing

Release date: 19th May 2021


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, is a long running comic book series that follows the Hasbro 2010-19 TV show. Based on the popular, original, My Pretty Pony toy which evolved over time to My Little Pony, with their trademark cutie marks! If anyone wants to read the writer’s Twitter thread on his interpretations on the My Little Pony comic Universe. Then follow this brilliant link which is really informative and gives Whitleys own explanations on the cutie marked crusaders.

This comic is cleverly written and doesn’t just appeal to children. Us 90’s kids will reminisce the toys and TV series. Now our “filly foals” are learning to enjoy the revamped version. There is even a group of adult male fans who call themselves Bronies. Thus it truly transverses the entire age and sex range.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #97

#97 Cats R Magic is a follow on from #96. Where Twilight Sparkle had sent a handful of ponies, Discord and Capper on an outreach mission to Abyssinia which soured fast! How did the cutie crew end up in Jail? Through friendship and working together they managed to escape to the underground and here is where our story begins. Kittens, kittens everywhere, but too many magic inhibiting collars to be able to do anything to help! Never fear, friendship is always near.

Despite arguments, trials and tribulations attempting to break the friendship bond. In the end the ponies, cats and alternative characters always overcome the darkness and step into the light, then friendship and harmony “rein” (yes that’s my pony play on reign) once more! The story is full of life lessons and clever.

Writing, Art and Final Thoughts

The writing is as ever clever as always, Whitley seems to be able to easily toe the line between what’s ideal for children but equally appeals to the older audience. The art work by Fleecs is purrfect. It is colourful, instinctively adaptable to every character and every scenario both tense and jovial, the art simply moulds around the story naturally.

As a sort of, grown up, adult; I can honestly say I feel no shame in reading this comic book. It’s easy to read with enjoyable art to peruse over. My kids will sit and have it ready to them and I don’t mind reading it for the 5th time today, some parts are even suitable for early reading levels.

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