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Review – Need For Speed (2015)

Review – Need For Speed

Review – Need For Speed (2015)

Developer: Ghost Games

Publisher: EA Games

Genre: Racing

Director: Craig Sullivan & Abdul Gamiet

Release Date: November 3rd 2015

There are many that I love the medium of video games. One of which being the times that you are caught off-guard. Sometimes you absolutely do not expect to feel anything for a game that you download on a whim and end up pouring an abundance of hours into it until you have almost earned the platinum trophy without even realising it.

By no means am I saying that this is a masterpiece, but I had downloaded it months ago in a PSN sale and totally forgot about it. Then while I was replaying The Evil Within 2 for review, I wanted something else to break up the time spent in Union, so I stuck it on as sort of a backburner game. At first I hated it. I cringed at every cheesy cutscene and longed for the old days of the Underground games and Most Wanted (OG version.) But slowly, I came to accept the updated version of NFS and before too long, I was spending more time with NFS than I was with Evil Within 2. In fact, I sort of rushed my way through Evil Within 2 against my better judgement, so that I could spend more time in NFS guilt free.

Review – Need For Speed

The game isn’t very hard once you get the knack for drifting. Choose the Subaru at the start of the game and pour all of your in-game cash into upgrades for the car until you max it out with what you have unlocked at that stage. Then save up and buy the 1999 Skyline and max that out with upgrades. Then buy the Lamborghini Aventador as soon as you can afford it and you won’t be faced with many losses, – as long as you don’t wipe out too often that is. You will have to go back and buy a lower horsepower car for certain missions in the game, but other than that, just pour all of your money into upgrades and you are golden. (Note: don’t waste your money on the F132 Hotrod. It’s the most expensive car in the game, but it’s rubbish compared to the Lambo and can’t be upgraded.)

Review – Need For Speed

Also, this is my first platinum trophy since God of War 2018 and is by far my most surprising platinum so far. (I’m not the trophy whore that I used to be.) I played through the story until the end and levelled up to 50 with very minimal grinding. Then I checked the trophy list and saw that I was only 2 arbitrary trophies short of the platinum, so I worked towards them and popped the platinum. For those of you that aren’t Playstation gamers or trophy hunters, this may mean nothing to you, but let’s just say I sincerely didn’t believe that I was going to platinum this game back when I first downloaded it. In fact, I would have put money on the fact that I wouldn’t.

Overall, this is hot trash, but it’s fun. Need For Speed is never going to be what it was in the PS2 days, but if you can accept that and stomach the excessive amount of inane fistbumps and cringey dialogue spouted by the game’s stereotypical cool kids, there is an enjoyable game in here.

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