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Review – The Swamp Thing #3

Review – The Swamp Thing 3

Art by: Mike Perkins

Written by: Ram V

Published By; DC Comics

Available: May 5th 2021


Reeling from his battle with the Pale Wanderer, Levi Kamei seeks the true nature of his transformations. And what better place to find his roots than the heart of the Green itself? There, he and Jennifer will encounter the realm’s many denizens, including one known as Holland and…two Poison Ivys?

Who will aid Levi and who will harm him? If he is to pull Jennifer and himself back to the real world, Levi will need all the help he can get to tame the Swamp Thing running wild within.


Ram, I think, seems to see the Green as a curse and that transformation must mean pain and trauma as the first few pages of Issue 3 see Levi again being ripped apart by the Avatar of the Green. What then occurs is an Alice in Wonderland-eque ride down into the heart of the Green. The big reveal of two Ivys is given away on the cover but inside we meet the pure, childlike, friendly Ivy (not poison) and the wrathful, human-hating Queen Ivy. This duality of character may spill over from the death and resurrection of Ivy in 2018’s Heroes in Crisis where Wally killed and resurrected her. I wonder if Jennifer will become one of them or will we see this aspect in the wider Bat-verse?

Again, this is not a massive story with convoluted plot lines and holes, the tale follows the confused Levi and his friend Jennifer (who now is with a Swamp Thing villain) the story still ticks


Mr. Perkins, if I was wearing a hat I’d take it off to you! This issue is a tour de force with the covers, the paneling, and pages filling you with a mix of revulsion, shock, and delight! Take for example the simple MRI scan on a double-page spread. Perkins is able to convey a subtle but slight change as Levi changes under the scanner

If this series does not win some awards this year I will be shocked!

Final Thoughts

These stunning individual issues are masterpieces on their own, but the flowing storyline of a reluctant Levi dealing with what happened in India coupled with his relationship with his family and Jennifer slowly draws us forward to a new era in Swamp Thing. With only 7 issues to go how can these two keep up the momentum? This is another 100% flawless read!

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