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Review – Overlord (2018)

Review - Overlord

Review – Overlord (2018)

Directed by: Julius Avery

Written by: Billy Ray

Produced by: JJ Abrams

Starring: Jovan Adepo, Wyatt Russell & Pilou Asbaek

Release Date: October 7th 2018

I got to revisit Overlord for review last night and I really enjoyed seeing the movie for a second time. I remember being really hyped when the trailers for this movie first dropped as I am a huge fan of the Wolfenstein series, which the trailers for this really reminded me of.

The movie opens with a fantastically shot plane crash sequence that manages to convey a sense of extreme intensity as Private Boyce jumps out the exploding plane that was carrying his squad and plummets to the ground below. This sequence also does a brilliant job of setting the kind of tone of the movie that the audience can expect going forward.

Review - Overlord

Surprisingly, the Nazi zombie stuff doesn’t actually make an appearance until about a third of the way through the movie and the first act is spent telling a more traditional and realistic war story and setting up the relationships between the characters that we are following. Even when we do start to see some of the weirder stuff taking place, it is fairly reserved in comparison to what you might be expecting. This isn’t Dead Snow or Wolfenstein. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s underwhelming, as the few amount of monstrosities that we actually get to see are impactful and feel genuinely threatening.

The cast are serviceable in their roles, even if they are fairly stereotypical. The stand out is Pilou Asbaek, who may know as the evil Euron Greyjoy from Game Of Thrones. Here, he plays the dastardly, villainous Nazi with a venomous snarl that really tells you everything that you need to know about his character and his intent.

Review - Overlord

The one negative I had with the movie were the few telegraphed jump-scares that the filmmakers threw in to remind us that this is supposed to be a horror movie, but thankfully there aren’t too many of these present throughout the film.

Overall, this is a fun action/horror movie set against the backdrop of the Second World War that is a blast to sit through. There is plenty of cringe-inducing violence and gore created by mostly practical means that will scratch the horror itch that some audience members may be looking for. Although this might not quite be the movie that you was expecting going in based on the trailers, I can’t say that you will come away disappointed.

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